Atlas Games Promos and Small Competitions

I work as the Board Game Manager at Legends Comics and Games down here in San Jose, California. I just recently started getting into your games when I picked up Lunch Money and played it for the first time. Now I'm hooked on anything made by Atlas and I wanted to know if there was some way I could get something going Atlas Gamewise here in San Jose. Maybe a small competition ladder, and/or better ways then word of mouth to get people to start playing! It's hard to just say it's a good game go buy it.

Hope I can be pointed in the right direction!

Games Manager

Glad to hear you're liking our stuff!

Are you familiar with our Special Ops program? Its members are our front line demonstrators, operating at conventions and game stores literally around the world. More information here:

I don't know off the top of my head whether there are any SpecOps in San Jose, but it sounds like it might also be a group you'd benefit from joining. In addition to access to all of our signage, demo mats, and so forth, there's also an e-mail list where SpecOps can share tips and thoughts on demonstrations, tournaments, and the like.

In addition, we're also planning to begin an in-store demonstration and league push for Pieces of Eight in the early part of this year. We're going to do a pilot program with a small number of stores, and if you're enthusiastic about it, your store might be a good place to include. If you're interested in that, drop me an e-mail at [jeff] at [].

Again, glad to hear you're digging our games!