Atlas Games Store

Hi all

I'm keen to buy a bunch of books from the Ars Magica line in PDF, but I'm soon to get a new PC too, so I want to make sure I'll not just get one shot at downloading them.

Does the Atlas Games Store allow future downloads of PDF purchases? (For instance, like DriveThruRPG does).

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I bought a PDF recently from the atlas game store. I still have the e-mail, and I was able to use the link again for download. Warehouse23 also sells ars magica PDF, and those can also be downloaded again from your account page.


I would heartily recommend Atlas over Warehouse 23.

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Thanks so much, both. I'm just keenly aware of how often I've needed to use the DriveThruRPG download page to re-download PDFs, haha.

Is there a particular reason you'd recommend Atlas over Warehouse 23?

I'm keen to support Atlas, as it seems like a great company, but are there other reasons?

I am keen to support atlas and averse to supporting SJGames, who runs warehouse 23. The culture there is a bit too conservative for my comfort...

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Thanks for the information. I really appreciate the reply. I think I'll probably just buy through Atlas after I get my personal cloud storage sorted (which I should probably do anyway).

I see that 4th ed has been going up on DriveThruRPG over the last few days.