Atlas PDF: art & academe

Am I the only one to find that the PDF version of A&A is really strange in the sense that when you scroll through it, it takes a lot of time for the pdf reader (in my case, adobe reader) to process the layout, text and images?

It is quite perceivable, in the contrary of all other pdf...

I'm not sure it is an issue on my part or in the pdf file.

Anyone perceived this also?

Had not noticed, and just went and checked: no noticeable issue.
(using GoodReader on an iPad)

none for me either, and I use A&A all the time, usually with a half dozen other pdf's up at the same time and multiple web pages. I used Microsoft edge for my browser/PDF reader- it seems odd for it to outperform adobe for reading a pdf...

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I had a similar problem and also used Adobe reader. I solved this issue by changing my PDF reader.

Looking at the PDFs I have, A&A digital version 1.0 seems double the file size of most of the other books that are 144ish pages in paper - if there's a lot of images or dark backgrounds, that could be causing the slow performance.

I've never had this problem with the A&A pdf, but instead with The Sundered Eagle: Theban Tribunal pdf.