Attacking as a spell part

I'm a new player of the system, and i kind have this thing in my mind, can a spell use some kind of attack of yourself to it work, like: "As part of spell casting you shoot with a bow, then arrow does that and that another thing", etc. So, it can be done, or i am missing some core rule of how action works?

Not as a spell, but it can be done when enchanting a bow, or arrows, with the plus side that you can give them to someone else, who might be better than you at shooting.

Have a look at charged items - probably the easiest way to do this sort of thing.
Enchanted arrows are fun.

Similar to the previous suggestion, in my current game we have a Rusticani (HoH:S p130) fletcher who makes spell arrows that deliver touch range spells.


Similar and related question: A Talisman extends your reach for touch spells. Touching someone in combat requires a successful brawl roll. Does touching someone with a weapon Talisman require a brawl roll or a weapon attack roll?
My take would be that if you have a Talisman, and want to use it for touch spells, it would take a weapon attack roll of whatever type weapon was the Talisman, or an improvised weapon if it isn't normally a weapon (which is a brawling roll).

Only if you want to attack with the staff, and also deal whatever damage you can with it. otherwise, just touching an opponent requires no attack roll.

Still, a caster needs to be touching the target while casting a R: Touch spell (ArM5 p.111). If the planned target doesn't want to be touched, she can Defend against it (e. g. dodge the touch). As the caster is concentrating on casting (ArM5 p.82 Concentration), not just attempting to touch her, she will usually succeed - unless she physically can't evade the touch or botches her Defense.

R: Touch spells are bad for attacking openly. In general the caster would have to use stealth or subterfuge to apply the needed touch - e. g. with ArM5 p.133 The KIss of Death.

There is no existing mechanism which exactly fits what you want. Making magical arrows is the closest as suggested by others. To be fair, unless you start with a relatively established magi, the chance of getting to be launching awesome magical arrows is a long way away.

There's also an option of designing a major hermetic virtue such as

The blessing of Artemis
When shooting an arrow, the magi can cast a spell with touch range or further which is delivered with the Arrow. Shooting an arrow is considered the appropriate actions when casting the spell, so no penalty occurs for not making appropriate gestures.
If the spell would automatically hit, the arrow still needs to hit for the spell to affect the target. The magi has a minor magical focus in bow and arrows.

For game balance, compared to flexible formulaic which can turn a touch range to voice, group to room, vice-versa, it doesn't seem overpowered, especially considering what is needed to not suck as an archer, being a +2 perception and at least 50 XP for level 4 archery, can't dump stat strength, etc. A min-maxed grog is still ahead by about 5 points on the attack role I'd imagine.

There is an existing so-so method: Performance Magic, a Minor Hermetic Virtue. But your attack is severely hampered:

While Brawl and Martial Abilities may be used in Performance Magic, the magus needs to perform semi-ritualistic movements to cast spells, responding to the needs of the spell, not to the actions of an opponent. If the magus is in combat, then he may only use Performance Magic (Brawl or Martial Abilities) if the player rolls a stress die with three extra botch dice, and treats all non-botches as die rolls of zero.

For another method consider Mutantum Magic / Tethered Magic / Tamed Magic. Tethered Magic is probably the most versatile and least expensive option. Consider the bow with arrows. You could cast a spell on an arrow one round and fire it at full skill the next. Or, if you're good at Fast Casting, you could Fast Cast a spell before firing an arrow later that round. This works even better if you're not the one firing the arrows. This also extends Touch much further.


You could always invent a spell designed to affect an arrow, and take the fast-casting spell mastery option to shoot in the same round you are fast-casting on your arrow with touch range...

Would love to see an example of this

Look at the core book's Blade of the Virulent Flame. You could drop the Duration to Momentary if you want to Fast Cast it on an arrow, as Momentary can last a full round.