Attn: John Nephew Missing cards!


I am highly dismayed. I actually wrote a letter by hand and spent 20 minutes trying to find the physical mailing address for Atlas Games to no avail.

On to the problem that prompted me to write:

I heard great things about the card game "Gloom" by Keith Baker, I ordered a copy and after opening it up (all properly sealed in plastic) I am missing 3 cards of the "Castle Slogar" family! I received only 2 red Slogar characters; "Elias E. Gorr" and "Grogar".

I read through the instructions and it seems that all 4 families should have 5 characters per color, am I mistaken? Should there be only 2 of one of the families?

If I am correct, I would really like replacement cards to be sent to me ASAP. Please email me about this (thepurplepepper on gmail) so we can clear up this matter, I can give you the amazon confirmation number, ISBN or whatever you need to confirm I did in fact buy a copy. I'd rather not send it back for a replacement but I will if necessary.

Thank you for your time, and I hope this game is worth it! =)


Hi there. Sorry about the trouble with your game. Our new contact form has an area specifically for requesting replacement parts for our games, and lists all the info we need from you to make it happen as quickly as possible. You can find the link to the form in the left column at

Thanks for your business!