I was doing some typing of some charts to a quick new player refrence document for Nexus and they have some attribute charts that may be useful for a FS GM showing what a value in various attributes is equal to. I reproduced the charts bellow and added some comments after them.

Primary Attributes

Body (Bod):
Sample Values:
2 Elderly person
3 Young teenager
4 Middle aged person
5 Young man or woman
6 Athletic person (policeman, soldier)
8 Very well built person (football player)
10 Huge Person (Arnold Schwarzenegger's movie personas)
11-12 Large animal (bear, gorilla)
13-14 Huge animal (elephant)
15 Giant Animal (Tyrannosaurus Rex)

Mind (Mnd):
Sample Values:
2 Very Incompetent (Child, retarded person)
3 Incompetent (Senile person)
4 Dim (weak minded person)
5 Competent (typical person)
6 Capable (successful professional)
8 Extremely capable (successful entrepreneur, CEO)
9 Genius (leader/thinker of great stature)
10 Super Genius
11-14 Super Human Advanced AI, advanced race)
15+ Unreal (unimaginably advanced alien, god)

Reflexes (Ref):
Sample Values:
2 Very uncoordinated (elderly person, infant)
3 Clumsy (young child)
4 Slightly uncoordinated
5 Average (typical person)
6 Agile (dancer, athlete)
8 Very Agile (championship athlete)
10 Superbly coordinated (Bruce Lee, cat)
11-12 Greased lightning (snake, mongoose)
13-14 Uncanny (super android, weasel on speed)
15 Unreal (speedster superhero)

Nexus has no Chi stat and sub stat, the power system in Nexus can handle some of the functions Chi and its sub attributes do. Nexus is point based in character generation. The exact number of points you get to make a character varry depending on the type of campaign. FS character tend to be very powerful compared to their Nexus counterparts. Some testing of making FS types in Nexus was showing them to fall into being 162 and higher CP in Nexus characters.
For those curious of the point costs of attributes in Nexus see the summary bellow. This may be helpfull to those making custom FS archetypes or doing number crunching on the FS archetypes.

Attribute Cost Chart
Attributes Cost Starting Base
Body 10 5
Strength 3 Body
Constitution 3 Body
Toughness 3 Body
Move 3 Body
Mind 10 5
Charisma 3 Mind
Perception 3 Mind
Intelligence 5 Mind
Will 3 Mind
Reflexes 10 5
Agility 5 Reflexes
Manual Dexterity 5 Reflexes
Reaction Speed 3 Reflexes

A character can take an attribute lower than the starting base.
If this is done the character gets the character point bonus equal to the value lost.
Only one secondary attribute from each group may be lowered.
The maximum CP bonus that can be gotten for lowering a secondary attribute is 3,
regardless of the value of the secondary attribute.

Paired Secondary Attributes
Secondary attributes can be increased this way instead of independently.
Cost equals the cost of the 2 attributes minus 1 and never exceeds 7.
The two paired attributes must be closely related.

Examples of Paired Attributes
Paired Attribute Cost
Bravado- Charisma & Will 5
Physique – Strength & Toughness 5
Quickness – Speed & Move 5

Attributes beyond 10, human maximum, require a valid justification and the GM's permission.
Optional - Raising an attribute beyond the suggested human maximum costs double.

Anyone wanting to plug the costs into FS types and posts the resauls is welomed too.

I won't go into Nexus Skill costs as Nexus breaks those into 3 diffrent types, based on how broad and usefull they are. Do be awre that all skills in both FS and Nexus are not created equal, especialy Info skills in FS. Info/Computer is going to be more useful than Info/Comic Books in most cases.

I am intrigued but don't know quite what to say or ask or comment on - it makes me want to make a whole document or supplement.