Aura question

Hi folks. Here is the situation: The players' covenant is a tower with adjacent cottages for mundane folk. The aura inside the tower is +4 (where the magi live) but outside of the building it suddenly drops to +1. Rummaging through Covenants book only got me confused. I don't want to force my players to buy tons of major boons just for focused, medium-powered aura levels. I'm not sure if this is a advantage or disadvantage. But it is a very important part of the game storywise; more important than rules equilibrium (Actually the tower does not generate a +4 aura but supresses and decreases it to +1 outside of the building). Yet I want to do it by the book too! Oh the price I have to pay for being an honest game master.

Can anyone give suggestions about the boons and hooks that we should take for our little, cozy covenant of horrific mysteries? Thanks.

The minor Aura boon is probably OK given that level 4 auras do not cause warping in the first place. I would not recommend you go with 3 major aura boons (local +3) and 2 minor hooks (global -2): it's not worth that much! One Minor Aura Boon for the +4 in the tower, no or one single Minor Aura Hook for the +1 around it would be fair.

Thanks a lot, you confirmed what I've thought about it.