Slight discussion with my troupe leader over, of all things, how much fog I can produce.

Originally, a base 2 wouldn't do very much at all. Little puffs of mist.
Then I pointed out that the Individual in Auram is a standard Boundary of 100 paces.
We vacillated on this point, and he decided to go with 3-7 paces. Citing Air's Ghostly Form as an example. That particular spell only extends it for 'several' paces.

Though I hate to bring it up with him again, I want my fog! ;D (For battle purposes (soldier magi, he fights with a small army, or did before joining the covenant and fully trusts circumstances to put him there again) I'm thinking up a potent base 3 spell, and if size +2 only gets me 3-7 hundred paces...)

He's a reasonable fellow, though, and if I have a nice example he might consider it.
Dealing with GMs is like being in court...

Yes, it can be.

"fog" is a classic, and not a very strong effect- tho' it might slow an enemy, it will slow an ally just the same. If your SG is set against it, well, bad luck, and I hope they're not as prejudice against other "normal" effects.

Talk to him about "The Story", vs "your mage"- hopefully, he'll see that a good tale is better than crippling a single mage.

The benefit to be had typically involves either a retreat or a surprise attack, both exceedingly important. Even if the element of surprise is lost (in terms of whether or not an attack will occur) the benefit will be had of their not knowing where the attack is coming from (or whether indeed it's the true attack.) Further, if they come to anticipate surprise attack during times of fog, they can be made to become overly alert and so tire out their troops (sucks for them if a natural fog rolls in, too!)

As you can see, I (or my char, as you will) put quite a bit of thought into his Auram specialty. Naturally I want to reap the benefits of such. Many of the same reasons went into his secondary talent for Imaginem.

Regrettably, without the aid of an example or a more official word I'm stumped.

Errr... it is official that it is 100 paces, since you already checked it in the rulebook. :confused: After all it is not like you are smashing castles on a whim or beating satanas at chess with the spell....


Most of the spells in the book were ports from the previous edition, adapted so that their level adheres to the new guidelines (which keep the spells at their old levels in many cases). The rules are clear that creating a spell with a smaller target than the individual for that form will not be any easier. To me the limitation of Air's Ghostly Form is deliberate: the spell is intended to cover only the target and its immediate surroundings for a short while rather than swamp the whole area, which wouldn't be any harder, but maybe of a more limited use (and would attract much more attention).

Look at Fog of Confusion, MuAu45 . Size +4 yields "six miles across" a 100x diameter increase from a base 100 yard diameter (6 miles = 10560 yards).

Yeah, just poke dar.. cause he's totally wrong.. you get the individual size... that's very plainly stated, just because there's an example spell which is used for personal protection doesn't change that :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, okay, I yield to these well-thought advantages and appropriate Objection!s. Although you need to do the fingerpoint as well :slight_smile:

Seriously, I'm not sure what I was on with the original guideline, but I was going by the example afterwards. Have your fog :slight_smile: