Auras and Human Behavior

Divine and Infernal auras, especially those which are Tempered/Tarnished, can influence human behavior and human behavior can and does generate these auras... a community of the faithful generates a Divine aura and the major acts of sin generate an Infernal aura.

So what about a parish church whose new priest is venal and corrupt. Not actually an Infernalist, just a priest who keeps a mistress, uses the parish tithe to buy fine robes and jewels rather then support the parish and uses his authority to bully and dominate his parishoners. What does that do to the local aura? Do these repeated acts of petty, venal sin slowly diminish the Divine aura or even generate an Infernal aura? In contrast, how does being regularly in the Divine aura of the Church, feeling the presence of the Divine, influence the venal priest's behavior?

What about the manor lord who is greedy and unjust? His hall has a Divine aura, albeit a weaker one than the parish church. If his hall is a place where drunken knights debuach with the maids and the "justice" of his court is determined by bribery and greed, how does this impact the aura of the place and how does the aura impact the behavior of the place?

Almost a textbook example of how a Divine aura is eroded, indeed

Hopefully it would moderate him a bit. Over time He should become less venal, even as he errodes the Aura in which he presides.
Ofcourse if he is sinful enough, he might simple overcome the aura and taint it towards Hell.