[Australia] Where could a newbie find an ONLINE game/learn

not sure where to post this.

Would like to finally get our Ars Magica kicked off but none of us have played before and I admit to being a bit lost in the books. Most of my players have only played D&D. I have played many other systems but never AM. I hoped I may be able to join a game online (or be part of one starting up) for a while to learn by doing from experienced folks. I am in Australia re time zones. The PbP area seems dead and I'd rather the verbal converse than text.

Anyway, thanks in advance for either a game invite, or suggestion on where to go hunting. (Is there a Discord group??)


There is a fairly active Discord group: Ars Magica Discussion Server
Occasionally there are people there looking for players for their games, though mostly it is just discussions just like here.