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We're not near November, but I decided I wanted to post up work when I finalized bits and pieces. This is copied over from a previous post I made in the Ars Magica forum, and would appreciate any comments on these works posted there instead of here.

In my home saga we had some fun discussions about the roleplaying of a Library, and about what happens when you go book shopping during a Tribunal. Magi usually can't apply numerical xp to a book, so I wanted some other way to identify and create books.

A library is one of the most important parts of any covenant. Every covenant has one, some have more. Even if the library is just a magically protected cabinet in the back of a rickety wagon, the magi value their books more than their fingers - the fingers are much easier to replace when lost.
Storyguides and troupes can easily work together to build a library that feels real and fun, and they build libraries that show the interests of the elder magi around, and that give the players something to strive for themselves, either in advancing themselves or in having books to write for their own library.
This task gets harder once Hermetic politics and social shenanigans comes into play - It would make sense that players in Stonehenge would want to visit Voluntas for their famed library, or use their temporary alliance with Blackthorn to gain access to a few seasons of really good books on dark magics. Obviously, the players are going to ask the Redcaps to keep an ear out for any rumors of wonderful, rare books that might be available in any library; I haven't had any game where players did not start asking about trading books for more in their own library.
It feels pretty strange, though, to have the Redcaps say "I have a Quality 10 Tractatus on Ignem, and a Quality 9 Tractatus on Magic Theory, and a Quality 13 Tractatus on ignem. There also is a Level 10 Quality 8 Summae on Ignem." I find it rather hard for me to just pull up books and authors out of nowhere, and when we do come up with a good name, often the players may just ask, "Okay, Ignem. What's its Quality?"

This project is designed to make your libraries more interesting. To give an easy list of authors to use, and to give a series of books they've written. I want the books to feel alive, and I do not want a library to be a series of Abilities, Arts, and raw numbers. To make the books feel alive, we need to make the authors into actual characters, even if those characters are long dead, or barely known newcomers instead of well-known archmagi.
To further enhance the reality of libraries, tractati will all have a topic, in addition to a subject. For example, a book on Faerie Lore (Q11) would be focused on forest faeries. This could be used to provide research opportunities, or bonuses to Lore rolls.

Here is the math I played around with to get a simple concept or schema for what I expect from randomly generated Tractati for sale.

My site and source here if people want to see it or other collections of mine.


Antonio Colucci of House Bonisagus
Hermetic Name: Antonius ex Bonisagus
From the Roman Tribunal, living near Naples.
Reputation: Prolific and known author 4 (Hermetic), Insightful Author 2 (Scholastic)
Preferred Topics: Magic Theory, Order of Hermes Lore, Imaginem and Mentem, Philosphiae

Antonius was a Bonisagus from the Roman Tribunal, a Trianomae with breadth of interests for study. His early years were spent between political manipulation for his Covenant's mundane problems and studying in the lab. During the time representing his Covenant to nobility, he got familiar with his mundane alias, Antonio Colucci, and pretty much stopped using his Hermetic name outside of formal situations. A number of his backroom deals for the local nobles involved aiding and teaching their scions, while sneakily instilling them with a strong respect for Hermetic magi and their independence. [Communication +2]

A Step Beyond Hermetic Theory

A Step Beyond Hermetic Theory by Antonius ex Bonisagus, Magic Theory tractatus in Latin, Quality 8
This book is designed for magi just out of appenticeship, and focuses on the benefits and risks of experimentation.

Discussions on the Fourth Estate

Discussions on the Fourth Estate by Antonio Colucci, Order of Hermes Lore tractatus in Latin, Quality 8
A clever book written by Antonius to be 'accidentally' let loose in the southern Italian nobility, allowing them to learn a bit about long-dead imaginary magi and how they interacted with the local nobility. It is specially tailored to guide nobles into dealing with Magi in a fashion that they prefer.

Mastering Your Own Mind

Mastering Your Own Mind I,II, III by Antonius ex Bonisagus, Collection of three Mentem tractati in Latin, Quality 8
A series of books Antonius wrote as part of a trade with a contact in his House. These books are focused on using Mentem magic to increase one's own capabilities. The first book of the collection includes a lab text for a Creo Mentem spell to refresh and clarify a memory of an event(HoHTL p73). The second book includes a spell to increase ones's study and focus(A&A p34). The third book includes a lab text for Gift of Reason(ArM p148).

All Facets of Existence

All Facets of Existence by Antonius ex Bonisagus, Imaginem Summae in Latin, Level 9, Quality 8
Five slender tomes discussing the study of the senses. This summae focuses on the concept that our experience and our lives, are made up of what our senses can draw from the world around us, and how you can use that to enhance your life or another's. The obvious implication of manipulating others through their senses is not stated overtly.

As Antonius advanced his knowledge and magic, and spent more and more time in correspondence, the Trianomae found an ally who could increase his Communication. By this point, he was firmly nestled into politics instead of magic, and started more often using his alias of Antonio Colucci. [Communication +4]

In addition to the books below, Antonio enjoyed writing commentaries on other authors in the Roman Tribunal.

Further Discussions on the Fourth Estate

Further Discussions on the Fourth Estate by Antonio Colucci II, Magic Lore tractatus in Latin, Quality 10
A comprehensive text including an analysis and critique of the above book. Theoretically written by the son of the original author to hide his age, it viciously tears apart the arguments of the previous book, very firmly pointing out the follies of dealing with wizards and the risks involved. In particular, it encourages the reader to avoid hedge-witches and court wizards, because the likelyhood that they are going to bring ruin to the families involved.

Morality of the MInd

Morality of the Mind by Antonio Colucci, Philosophiae Summae in latin, Level 3 Quality 10
As Antonio focused on his intrigues, he found himself often plagued by the inherent dishonesty of pretending to be different people, and this book records his struggle with it. It resolves that the intent of seeking outcomes optimal to every party involved is morally superior to unblemished truth. The book firmly speaks out against spells that create false memories or directly control another's mind.

Changing Interests of the Roman Tribunal

Changing Interests of the Roman Tribunal by Antonio Colucci, Order of Hermes Lore Summae in Latin, Level 3 Quality 10
A carefully written tome that discusses the events of Tribunals in the Roman Tribunal. It does not focus on the actual Code of Hermes, but instead discusses the interplay between different Houses and covenants during the time he was involved. This book is one of the last written by Antonio.

Finer Points of Visual Species

Finer Points of Visual Species by Antonio Colucci, Imaginem Summae in Latin, Quality 11

A commentary on All Facets of Existence, this book discusses specific uses for Imaginem utilizing visual illusions to enhance one's desired goal. it specializes on subtlety of use, similar to Aura of Ennobled Presence. Colucci wrote a four total commentaries for the five senses, also including Audial Species(sound), Oral Species(taste and scent), and Tactile Species (touch).

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Vindicus of Flambbeaux
Hermetic Name: Vindicus ex Flambeau
From the Provencal Tribunal
Reputation: Brilliant but rare author 2 (Hermetic)
Preferred Topics: Magic Theory, Ignem, Teaching

Vindicus of House Flambeaux was found in Montpellier by a tempermental magus who took him in and taught him. As a child, Vindicus was friends with a number of other children, of a variety of heritage and religion, and the young apprentice was a surprisingly tolerant person, especially amongst his house. Though often called to battle in the trouble in Iberia, Vindicus found every opportunity to retire to his quiet tower and study. Uniquely, Vindicus for some unknown reason never created nor accepted a Longevity ritual. He was friends with a number of Jerbiton, and often taught lessons for them in return for favors. He married a scholar's daughter, and then a merchant's widow later in life; he had a number of children, who drifted away from the order. Then, Vindicus died, and was quickly forgotten by his own house. [Com +3, Good Teacher]

A Hermetic Education by Vindicus

A Hermetic Education by Vindicus of Flambeau, Magic Theory summa in Latin, Level 4, Quality 12

Vindicus wrote this summae as a gift for his first and only apprentice, when he learned that they had taken an apprentice. Vindicus's apprentice was, at the time, notoriously impatient and a pretty terrible teacher. The only copy of this book was passed down through the Hermetic line until stolen in a Wizard's War, and reproduced a number of times.

An Apprentice's Ledger

An Apprentice's Ledger by Vindicus of Flambeau, Magic Theory summa in Latin, Level 3 Quality 15

A Jerbiton friend of Vindicus asked for help with his apprentice - the Jerbiton was having teaching issues with the student's comprehension. Vindicus looked at his earlier work and trimmed out advanced concepts to focus on the basics an apprentice would need to start working for their Master.

Archaic Symbols

Archaic Symbols by Vindicus of Flambeau, Magic Theory tractatus in Latin, Quality 12

This small tome describes a number of mystical symbols used in different older cultures. It references a number of connotations, and explains how using non-Latin languages in Hermetic shorthand can be a useful tool.

Light and Shadow

Light and Shadow by Vindicus of Flambeau, Ignem summa in Latin, Level 15, Quality 12

Written after his first major illness one winter, Vindicus gifted this book to his covenant, since their library was lacking. A copy was gifted to Durenmar, and was promptly ignored over other, better known books. A number of Flambeaux in Provencal have trained on copies of this book, as copies of it have found their way into the Flambeau libraries.

Teaching Focused on Inspiration

Teaching Focused on Inspiration by Vindicus, Teaching summa, Level 4 Quality 12

Vindicus, in his final years, wrote his educational knowledge down in a single surprisingly lengthy tome. The book discussed deeply into what he observed to be different kinds of students, and how to inspire them to study further.

On Inspiring the Young

On Inspiring the Young by Vindicus, Teaching tractatae in Latin, Quality 13 (Commentary)

Vicarus wrote a number of books about how to inspire students and to turn their interest to inspiration. His book, On Inspiring the Young, is a commentary on his own book Teaching Focused on Inspiration, often referencing the summa. He also wrote On Inspriring the Wise, focused on teaching magi and scholars, and On Inspiring the Masses, which discusses teaching peasantry.

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Regnus of Tremere
Hermetic Name: Regnus ex Tremere
From the Transylvanian
Reputation: Well Trained and prolific author 5 (Hermetic, Tremere), Prolific Author 2 (Hermetic)
Preferred Topics: Tractatae, Magic Theory, Finesse, Penetration, Code of Hermes

Regnus of Tremere is one of the first who began to push for educational power establishment in the Tremere. His era is after the Schism war, and he became a very prolific writer. Regnus was trained by a powerful Tremere who was a particularly bad teacher. His own magical skills were incredibly poor, but his mind and voice were well-trained. He firmly believed that the Tremere could excel by educating each other with such books. His early works are practically unknown, but his superiors acquired numerous magical enhancements to his communication skills, in return for his dedicated creation of books for his House. Despite the fact that his books were only for the Tremere, a near-complete collection was looted by an irate Tytalus during a Wizard's War, and the Tytalus released copies of the books throughout the Normandy tribunal as a mockery for the Tremere he was feuding with.

The Groundwork of a Great Magus

The Groundwork of a Great Magus by A of Tremere, Magic Theory summa in Latin, Level 3 Quality 11

This book is not written by Regnus, but it is the Magic Theory primer he learned on when his own parens was inefficient at teaching him. It is a book that was quite common in numerous Tremere strongholds, and Regnus wrote a number of commentaries with it in mind.

Groundwork of Efficient Laboratory Design

Groundwork of Efficient Laboratory Design by Regnus of Tremere, Magic Theory tractatus in Latin, Quality 11

This book is a commentary on Groundwork of a Great Magus, and expands on the basics of that classic primer. The book Regnus produced expands on a newly Gauntleted apprentice's laboratory set up, design, and customization.

Groundwork of Magical Forging

Groundwork of Magical Forging by Regnus of Tremere, Magic Theory tractatus in Latin, Quality 11

The second book Regnus produced for his House is focused on creation of magical items. Regnus expounds on what a young magus would want to craft in their time. It promotes using metal and semi-precious gems as a focus, since wooden and cloth items will tend to break down over time.

Foundational Training in Magical Skills I

Foundational Training in Magical Skills I by Regnus of Tremere, Finesse tractatus in Latin, Quality 10

This particular book was copied and disseminated throughout Transylvania, and is numerous libraries, sometimes with multiple copies. It specializes in the use of Rego to perform basic craft magic, with a focus in particular in low-magnitude spontaneous spells.

Foundational Training in Magical Skills III

Foundational Training in Magical Skills III by Regnus of Tremere, Penetration tractatus in Latin, Quality 10

Unlike volume I, the third book in Regnus's series was only produced in smaller numbers, but it disseminated out through Tremere strongholds in Normandy. Unfortunately, this book is what brough the attention of Larvos of Tytalus, who proceeded to pursue more copies of Regnus's work by Wizard's Wars.

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Vendel the Bold (or Vendel the Brave, Vendel the Vile, Vendel the Wise)
Hermetic Name: Vendel ex Miscellanea
From Normandy Tribunal
Reputation: Insightful author on Martial skills3 (Hermetic, Normandy)
Preferred Topics: Leadership, Brawl, Great Weapon, Muto

Vendel was from a warrior tradition of Ex Miscellanea, and strove to be a good example for those who fought with him. In all accounts, Vendel was an exemplar of Hermetic martial might, some claiming he has the blood of King Arthur's knights in his veins. He spent most of his life in the Normandy tribunal, and early was known for his weak magical skills. Often masquerading as a knight, he became allied with a number of Jerbiton and nobility. Vendel was a fantastic leader and trainer both, it was when convalescing from a number of vicious battles that he started writing books about his tactics and talens. [Com 0, Good Teacher]

Guide from Behind the Shield

Guide from Behind the Shield by Vendel, Leadership tractatus in Latin, Quality 9
Vendel was seriously wounded protecting a younger magus who did not know how to protect himself during the chaos of a battle. While convalescing, he decided to transcribe his knowledge of combat survival tactics - in particular, how to guide and lead grogs to protect you.

Defense of the Magi's Staff

Defense of the Magi's Staff by Vendel, Great Weapon tractatus in Latin, Quality 9
Considering how the majority of magi will carry a staff - including Vendel - he focused this treatise on the study of using the length and sturdiness of a staff in self-defense. The book has been illuminated with hundreds of careful diagrams of bodily forms for combat.

The Grog's Defense

The Grog's Defense by Vendel, Leadership tractatus in Latin, Quality 9
Vendel's favorite treatise from his youth is this one - it is a book that describes the importance of a shield grog, how to properly utilize one, and how to keep a soldier alive. Until the battle that severely wounded him, Vendel had not lost a shield grog in battle, and the grogs who served his covenant loved him for it.

Later in his life, Vendel's work with the Jerbiton brought numerous gifts, including a wife, beautiful lands, and Ritual magic to increase his already sharp mind. As he found most fighting to be beneath him during this time, he began to collect tomes that described battle and warfare, and started his own volumes of Hermetic combat. [Com 2, Good Teacher]

Utilization of Formations and Magic

Utilization of Formations and Magic by Vendel the Brave, Leadership summa in Latin, Level 4 Quality 11

Vendel the Brave was renowned as a leader of men. Inspiring, glorious, and often successful. His younger years often displayed him in great acts of battle in small unit or personal combat, by the later years in his life, he often found himself standing as the leader for large groups of soldiers. His knowledge of leadership was amplified and excelled by his ability to utilize low-magnitude spells effectively, and to plan for his enemies to use magic as well.

Twelve Forms of Staff and Spear

Twelve Forms of Staff and Spear by Vendel the Brave, Great Weapon summa in Latin, Level 4 Quality 11
An expansion on his book, Defense of the Magi's Staff, this is a much larger and thoroughly illuminated manuscript showing basic and advanced techniques for defense using a staff or a spear. The latter part of the book expands upon strikes and attacks, but the book is still primarily focused on a magi defending themself to keep casting spells.

Spells and Enchantments for Personal Enhancement

Spells and Enchantments for Personal Enhancement by Vendel the Brave, Muto tractatus in Latin, Quality 11

Being critiqued by a close Jerbiton friend for having written only books on mundane topics, Vendel began to look in to writing tractati with his magical skills. Considering how little he was known for his magical skills, it is not surprising that Vendel only wrote a few books on Muto during this time.

During his aged years, Vendel found himself unable to fight to to steadily increasing decrepitude. His age hit Vendel's body hard, but his mind maintained itself sharp and eager. The end of Vendel's life, he dedicated himself to writing books, teaching his apprentice, and often teaching other apprentices. [Good Teacher, Com 4]

Transformation in Martial Forms

Transformation in Martial Forms by Vendel the Bold, Muto summa in Latin, Level 12 Quality 13

This book is widely regarded by the Jerbiton in Normandy as a premier summa for learning Muto. This is despite the fact that it focuses entirely on utilizing the art of Muto for combat transformations. Due to the skill of the author, the insights of transformation efficiency is expansible to other scenarios.

Utilizing the Magus Staff in Defense

Utilizing the Magus Staff in Defense by Vendel the Bold, Great Weapon tractatus in Latin, Quality 13

In his aged years, Vendel often expanded on concepts that he had written on earlier. This book is focused entirely on utilizing a staff or other large weapon as a defense, with particular focus on using attacks or the threat thereof to fend off threats.

On Hermetic Warfare

On Hermetic Warfare by Vendel the Bold, Leadership tractatus in Latin, Quality 13

While a magi's skills in combat combat is often focused thoroughly in pure magical ability, warfare is deeply rooted in units, troop movement, and area control. This rather lengthy volume is full of intricately illuminated maps for combat - it begins with small unit combat, and expands on the basic tactics to utilize similar concepts in larger battles.

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Carmen ex Tremere
Hermetic Name: Carmen ex Tremere
From Transylvanian Tribunal
Reputation: Good Author on limited fields 3 (Hermetic, Tremere)
Preferred Topics: Rego, Corpus, Terram

Carmen ex Tremere was originally from the Iberian peninsula, an intelligent and communicative maga who specialized in transportation magic. Unlike most of her House, she kept a mundane name into her Hermetic life. During her time she was known for an incredible amount of correspondence, writing letters to all corners of Mythic Europe. Many of her books are also written using the results of her studies and discussions with experts from all over the Order. Outside of her own Tribunal, her renown faded very quickly after her death. [Com 3]

Control at a Distance

Control at a Distance by Carmen ex Tremere, Rego tractatus in Latin, Quality 9

This treatise focuses on levitation and teleportation, in particular focused on distant control. Her very first book, Carmen wrote this tractatus as a gift for a friend of hers, to take with her into the formation of a new Covenant in the Levant tribunal. It took decades before a copy of this book returned to her in the Transylvanian tribunal.


Animus by Carmen ex Tremere, Corpus and Animal tractatus in Latin, Quality 9

A codified record of Carmen's studies on teleporting living creatures. Mechanically, this tractatus is two separate books, one for Corpus and one for Animal, and must be read separately. These research notes are expansive, and could a curious magus design new spells involving teleportation.


Inanimus by Carmen ex Tremere, Terram tractatus in Latin, Quality 9

A codified record of Carmen ex Tremere's studies on transportation of non-living matter. While it does touch briefly on teleporting liquids, gasses, and energies, the majority of her studies focus on moving inanimate solids. It would be very useful for a magus who is trying to design transportation spells for inanimates.

The Form of Simplicity

The Form of Simplicity by Carmen ex Tremere, Terram tractatus in Latin, Quality 9

Carmen's studies gave her insights in to how Terram can be used for most inanimate objects when being controlled or transformed - solid inanimate objects is a very, very large range of options to affect with one form.

Infinite Forms of Teleportation

Infinite Forms of Teleportation by Carmen ex Tremere, Rego summa in Latin, Level 19 Quality 9

Her final opus, Carmen wrote and rewrote this book during her later years. Discarding much of her earlier drafts, she finally managed to create an expansive summa on utilizing the form of Rego for all forms of movement, transportation, and translocation. There are earlier drafts of her book that some Redcaps have found (L15 Q8, L17 Q7, L19 Q6) sold by her covenant in the Tansylvanian Tribunal and now are in other tribunals..

Correspondence on Teleportation and Travel

Correspondence on Teleportation and Travel by Carmen ex Tremere and Forum ex Mercere, Rego tractatus in Latin, Quality 8

A collection of letters, correspondences, and notes for a four-year-long debate between the two magi. The younger Carmen and the older Forum both specialized in transportation magics, and corresponded together extensively. This collection of letters is mostly focused with the two magi trying to systematically tear down the other's arguments, thereby increasing their understanding of their own work. It also, for some reason, includes transcriptions of Carmen teaching Forum how to play chess.

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