Auto-translator for the Forum

Hi there. I just installed a plugin to provide inline translations of our forum. To set it up, click on your avatar at top right, click on your username, click on Preferences, click on Interface, under Interface Language choose your preferred language, click Save Changes at the bottom, refresh the page. Now the forum's buttons will appear in your language, and at the bottom of each post is a little globe icon that you can press for a translation.

We're using a free service through Microsoft Azure, which has a monthly limit of 2M characters translated, FYI. So if it stops working mid-month, we've hit our limit. I figured it was worth trying out, even with the limit, to see if it's useful to anyone. If you're using and appreciating it, please let me know! If you're having difficulties with it, let me know that, too.


Our free trial expired, and there wasn't enough use to justify extending it. So unfortunately our auto-translator service has been discontinued. I'm glad we tried it, though!

Thanks for trying it. However most cell phones and web browsers include inbuilt translators and correctors. No need to pay for more stuff.