Automatic Grog / NPC generator

As part of my recently conjured grog character sheet (I've been testing it in play and so far I'm really pleased with having small character sheets for grogs) I have also attempted to create a simple character generator.

Now, this (unfortunately) does not work by magic so it is a bit limited and will at times generate characters missing 5 to 10 experience or once in a blue moon a character with a characteristic which is a bit high or low. Sometimes it also generates somewhat silly characters. :slight_smile:

My future plans for the generator basically amount to having an archetype/age/power selection so you can choose to generate e.g. a Fighter/30-40years/normal or a Scholar/20-30years/superior character.

So, now I ask - is there anything obviously missing? Are there any obvious bugs? Any special missing virtues/flaws/abilities? (please don't ask for the moon regarding virtues/flaws, we all know the lunar sphere is off limits :wink: )

And, the link of course:

Grog Sheet / Generator


Some minor bugs fixed and a small number of changes:

  • Bonuses to abilities are now combined
  • Types of Faerie Blood have been polished a bit
  • Ageing modifiers are noted in the decrepitude box
  • A few more traits added
  • Keen Vision and Poor Eyesight are now mutually exclusive
  • Strong Willed and Pack Mentality are now mutually exclusive
  • Enchanting Music virtue added
  • Delusion flaw added
  • Fish out of Water flaw added
  • Expanded the number of professions
  • Local area lore is now related to the origin of a character

I've been having fun with this, and enjoying the random Lesser Immunities to Beer and Furniture and Smells turning up.

Where did you get the types of Faerie Blood from? I ask because I keep seeing types I don't recognise, and the only common one I see is Sidhe blood.


The Faerie Blood types (F-positive?) are new, I googled a list of faerie types and adapted them. I've been meaning to add at least Goblin and Undine from the source book and add a few more virtues/flaws for greater variation.

I'm happy you enjoyed the lesser immunities. :smiley: I've tried to make them both fun and potentially useful.


New update - no archetypes yet, but a number of updated features:

  • A grog with both Apt Student and Educated gets a small extra exp bonus.
  • Ageingmodifiers are now written in the same manner as in the book.
  • Goblin and Undine faerie blood added.
  • Affinity virtue added (also raises max score for an ability by 2).
  • Sharp Ears virtue added.
  • A few more lesser immunities added.
  • Light touch gives a +1 bonus to the Painter and Barber professions.
  • Skin Changer virtue added.
  • Magic Sensitivity virtue added.
  • Afflicted Tounge flaw added.
  • Strong Willed and Pack Mentality are now mutually exclusive.
  • A few more delusions added.
  • Preparations for archetypes made.
  • Grogs now have names generated according to origin and native language.

The names and languages are not meant to be a complete representation of the people of Mythic Europe, but rather a diverse enough sample of (somewhat) plausible origins to have some variability to the generated grogs. That said, the generated grogs are fully editable so it's more of a convenience feature.

(In case anyone is curious, there are 2405 names to choose from when mixing a grog)


Another update - this time with a major facelift. The spontaneous controls are now replaced with a nice casting tablet. :mage:

Other improvements include:

  • Malta is now an origin (by request)
  • Option to always include at least one virtue or flaw granting martial skills.
  • Option to select superior equipment
  • More names added
  • Shoddy Armour changed to Inferior Armour
  • Casting tablet added for better control
  • Superior Partial Chain Mail added to armours
  • Superior Staff added to weapons
  • Second row of weapons now have a wizard
  • Combat values now include virtues/flaws which modify attack
  • Points used now always count up from 0

Switching Speciality and Score in the abilities section is broken at the moment, but will likely be fixed later.


Some minor updates again

  • Quick add with archetypes for generating a couple of hopefully common types of character
  • Added compulsion as a flaw
  • Added knight as a virtue (this also gives superior equipment)
  • Fixed a few spelling errors (modern wizards use spell checkers)
  • Added a number of new personality traits
  • Added more ranged weapons

And a small number of bugfixes as well.

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A small update and a new location.

The grog sheet and generator is now available here:

Too many changes to enumerate, but feel free to use it even if there is no manual (yet).