Average vis Supply per year?

How much vis does your covenant get per year in your current game?

  • 0 to 9
  • 10 to 19
  • 20 to 29
  • 30 to 39
  • 40 to 49
  • 50 to 59
  • 60 to 69
  • 70 to 79
  • 80+

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Another poll! I'm on a roll! How much vis does your covenant get per year in your current game?

My vote doesn't include vis from personal vis source virtue... which seems to be very popular. Our value for personal vis source has been 3 to 4 pawns of vis, with 3 pawns for techniques and 4 pawns for forms. Each of our sagas has begun in the spring season, and each source had to be found and secured... so vis sources tend to be the subject of stories early on.

Currently between 14-18 pawns per year (or roughly 5-6 pawns per magus per year) depending the outcome of their contested vis sources. Interestingly, with we have considerable stores of vis as the magi almost never use the vis for anything.

Yikes, TWO votes for 80+/y???
I think our latest one was just under 30/y and we still use HR where Vis is used for most labwork(although not much)...
That isnt of course counting any Vis extraction done by characters(or unique one-time sources).
And if instead voting for whats most common i think it would instead be the 30-39 category.

But darn, 80+, i wouldnt know how to use it all!

Maybe a more useful variant to the question would be to ask covenant vis income PER MEMBER... Fengheld in the Rhine has 23 mages to "feed". They would be poor indeed with 50 pawns/year, While a 3 member covenant with 20/year would be well-off in many sagas.

20 pawns for 6 magi. It might be a bit low as my players will discover, but it does not block their characters magical activities and will encourage them to gain more through stories and plots.

We calculate it per member, plus vis hunts et al.

In general:

  • Spring: 1-3 pawns/member
  • Summer: 5 pawns member
  • Autumn: 6-8 pawns member (with the top dogs getting most of it)
  • Winter: 0-20 pawns member (with the top dogs getting most of it)

There is a slight problem with how covenants get their vis supply calculated. As written, it is MUCH easier to get vis stocks and tractatuses to trade than vis sources with the covenant build points. It is extremely inefficient to get vis sources instead of stocks if the saga will be less than 26 years long. But appart from that, we do it like that.


Mmm yeah probably a far better way of saying it.

2-5 Vis/year/magi i think is the normal here.
I think the last one had around 4.

32 vis, 5 magi. (count my vote from 20-29 to 30-39)
founded as spring covenant, 36 years since foundation thus probably summer. very few vis used actually, mostly spent for aegis. stocks may contain about 5 qeens.

After we raise the Aegis we've got 1 pawn per member per year, everything else has to come from stories.

Hidden benefit of an apprentice...

Train him/her in magic theory, creo, and vim early in his training... and have him/her perform vis extraction each winter... :stuck_out_tongue: (just a thought)

Hidden?!? Doesn't everyone do this? :open_mouth: It's one of the primary things that apprentices are for (in addition to making legible copies of lab notes and tractatus that can be traded for the benefit of the parens).

Okay then, how about "not commonly practiced in my home game?"


hehe.. In one Covenant, after we raise the Aegis we have one pawn of Vis. :open_mouth:

winter--> spring Covenant.