Background story help

I'm trying to develop a background story to give more depth as to why a character has the Susceptibility to Divine Power flaw. Suffering from writer's block. Help?


Would be easier if you had said what kind of character you are creating.
Maybe if the flaw doesn't fit, it's because it doesn't fit - you can always take another one that does.

But I'm not (only) here to be a smartass, so here we go:

  • the character could have discovered early in life that heorshe was different. Maybe they felt guilty about their magic.
  • the character's magic could have first manifested in a dangerous situation. He spoke a quick prayer and voilĂ , something miraculous happened. Only later did they understand it was not a miracle but magic.
  • God's punishment for an act of hubris
  • an apprenticeship deep in the forest. Never did the apprentice come into contact with a dominion aura, and when she did, she was so unprepared for it.
  • traumatied because the inquisition burned his parents before his very eyes.
  • a blessing by a saint when she was a child

Blasted by the holy season? Children born near Christmas often have this flaw.

Good point!

The character is a Mercere magi with the gentle gift who was born and raised at Harco. He is of the Mutantes line.

That's a good one for the season. Happy Christmas everyone!


The first station of the Criamon path of walking backwards grants the Gentle Gift as a virtue, and Pious as a (major) flaw, both as a consequence of the initiate surrendering to the principle of universal harmony that many identify with the Divine. It seems to me that a character who tried to undergo a similar process to gain the Gentle Gift (after all, that particular Criamon path is itself an adaptation of Sufi practices), but did not quite internalize the "I am one with harmony/the Divine" part, could well end up Susceptible to Divine Power instead of Pious.