Bad Latin mage names

I am playing with a mage concept, whose magic is tied to Luck.
Basically has the virtue Lucky, and the major flaw Restriction - must have wagered on a game of chance in the last 24 hours. The wager musr be for real property, and must be honoured. With his Luck, he wins a lot. Cunning grogs have learnt to make uneven bets with the mage when he is desperate (eg grog wages a half penny against a silver shilling on the mage not being able to roll a double 6 on the dice)

So what name to give this mage?
Remembering that Criamon might be a mangling of "annointed of Amon", perhaps this mage could be called:
Ludacris - anointed in games?

PS I once almost created a mage named Icarus/Ichor Rex - Divine blood of Kings because he had the Mythic Blood of Merovech

Ludibundus is a name his master might have given him. It is still quite nice.

Ludibrium might be his name in the covenant, after he lost a serious bet about changing his name.

You could go with a simple "Victor" which means "winner" and would reflect an arrogant streak about his luck, and has the advantage of being a real name.

Looking up synonyms for "lucky" gives Felix, Fortunatus and Faustus....yes, call your mage Faustus and claim it's just because he's fortunate!

I'd just point out that "Ludus" in Latin is "game" in the sense of "sport", "fun pasttime" or "mock exercise": something not quite real done for entertainment or training (e.g. the gladatorial games, that were entertainment fights as opposed to ones with a "real purpose").

But a game of luck is Alea (f. singular), which means both a set of dice (Caesar's famous "Alea iacta est - the die is cast") and raw chance - more specifically, a chance you take, rather than a random event that hits you unwitting.

So, I'd call the mage Aleator , something very close to "Gambler" (though gambling can also carry the connotation of defying chance to win a stake, while an aleator actively embraces randomness).

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Even worse. It quite directly spells out stuff like:

But few magi want their casting restriction in their name. Better go :disguised_face: !

Only in hindsight. It really does not give anything away if you don't know what your are looking for.
And in fact, what little risk it poses could very well be part of the whole "I have to take risks" magical background of the character!

Frankly, if an apparently "well-intentioned and charming magus" who's really a liar and a master of intrigue sports Imanitos Mendax as a Hermetic name, some magus whose magic is connected to luck could do much worse than being called Aleator :wink:

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Mendax is his surname (see GotF p.73f box and cognomen). His Hermetic name is Imanitos. If from "a small and highly secretive lineage of dark Jerbiton" (GofF p.72 box Story Seed: The Dark Jerbiton) , they will by no means have called him liar in his Hemetic name: how he got his surname is left to the SG.

You are wrong, I am afraid. His "Hermetic name", i.e. how he is known in the Order, is Imanitos Mendax. The entire Ars Magica line adopts the standard convention of listing magi by their name, followed by their House. Do note that a name can be formed by one or more of a given name, a surname, a nickname, a provenance (e.g. Boris of novgorod) etc. So the Hermetic names of Henry De Tour and Daria La Gris are not just Henry & Daria :slight_smile:

Circular logic here! And flawed too: who says that the name Mendax is not an attempt (very clever or very dumb) to deceive? "Surely, with such a name, his only chance is being honest, for he'd be the first suspect of any mischief".

But as much I am having fun debating with you, I am afraid we are derailing the original thread, so unless you get back on track, I'll just ignore your further posts in this thread (feel free to PM me though).

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Caveat. My latin skills start and end at google translate and "veni, vidi, veni".

Sortitio - Lottery.
Armiger Denarios - Bearer of coins (he always carriers a few low value coins for the exact purpose of being able to do a wager)


Denarifer (carrier of pennies) and Denariger (wielder of pennies) are nice! They sound like the proposal of an apprentice's favored worldly-wise grog or teacher, and don't spell beans better kept.

Where is that convention spelled out? I doubt very much, that "how he is known in the Order" is even always a single name. "Daria La Gris" - about "Daria the Grey" - will not have been listed at Tribunal as her name after her gauntlet: "La Gris" might have been acquired later somewhere, just like "Mendax" was acquired later by Imanitos.

Certainly we have in ArM4 Triamore - the Covenant of Lucien's Folly p.36 box The Lord of Bois de Haillot:

The current leader is Daria, who is known as Lady Daria LaGris of Bois de Haillot to the temporal world.

In the texts of Sicero there she is only named Daria.

The Hermetic name of a magus is the name given to him after passing the gauntlet, and thus formally associated with his voting sigil - just as the name given to a king is the name he is crowned with: e. g. Philippe IV, not Philippe le Bel.

Sortitius and Denarigerus both sound like good "bad Latin" names.