Baobhan sith?

The Baobhan sith is a Scottish vampire fae, appears as human with deer feet, can transform into a raven when sunlight drives them away.

Which of the Circular Wards against Form Faeries would be best against her/them?
Would you need different versions when she is humanish, and when raven?

Normally changing shape does not change one's nature. A man turned into a pig by the curse of Circe is still affected by Corpus spells.(the only exception is the Bjornaer magus).

It's up to the ST/party to agree whether it is more human (corpus) or animal.
Personally, I would lean towards Corpus since it mostly looks human with the raven form being less important.


In addition to what @Jank mentioned above, note that most creatures with the Might score have a Form mentioned in parentheses. Said creature is explicitly associated with that form, and I would always allow the Circular Ward Against [Form] Fae of that Form to be effective.


Good point. I had gotten ahead of myself, trying to defeat/defend against something I had not fully defined.

I was envisioning a Baobhan sith as normally a carrion crow, scavenging battlefields wherever possible, until sometimes at night a lonely man makes an idle (perhaps sinful?) wish for female companionship, where upon the nearby crow transforms into a winsome woman, clothed in glamour to hide its deer hooves, whence a story of bloody consequences plays out.

I should have defined the Form alignment first - I think Animal with Powers of shapeshifting and blood draining would work.
Unless I have overlooked something.

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Keep in mind that Muto and Perdo are also viable allignments for the faerie might, though that doesn't help (beyond vim) with regards to wards.

I've never seen techniques used for Might scores, only Forms. I'm curious where you found the Muto and Perdo faeries? I want to learn more!

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Same here, I can't think of any such example off the top of my head.

Not sure... I could swear I saw a raven that was rego somewhere or something- but it may have been back in 3rd edition. ROP:Magic does say magical form, so I sit corrected.