Baptism of Fire: Happy throws a table

I'm having a bit of a blank moment where, even though I've run it enough times, I can't get my head around Happy (stats on p230) throwing tables on p233.

"His favourite is picking up one of the large (1.5 m radius) tables round tables and hurling it like a frisbee at PCs across the room...His Action Value when attempting this is 10; the damage rating of the attack is 8. If two PC's are close together, he will try to hit them both at an Action Value of 9." Core Rule Book p233

Some of the wording seems a bit funny (and I've quoted it right) which might be putting me off. I think it might be the combination of multiple targets/stunt/lifting which I can't grasp for some reason. I'm not sure if the damage rating is right either, it seems a little low (wouldn't just a punch do more damage).

I was hoping someone could give me a run through example based on a Martial Artist with MA 12 as an opponent.

As an aside, is the Hopping Vampire on page 170 statted up right? I'm sure with x3 abymal spines he should be doing more than claws 11 damage.

I can see the stats for the table throwing. It is a large table, and while it would be heavy, it is bulky and would likely have a lot of surface area, being unlikely to hit, cinematically speaking, in any edge, on a PC, though I'd probably add in some sort of knockback or impairment or stun them making them lose a few Shots or something to make up for the low damage, as you are right in a damage 8 attack likely will do little to nothing to an average PC even with high Outcome. Happy's Bod/Str is 10, so I'd agree I'd up the table's damage to 10 though I can see where if it hit two characters, the impact would be reduced so the 8 is probably an average. If it obviously wasn't working very well though I'd have Happy drop the tablethrowing though if it was obvious the PCs weren't very susceptible to it.

From the rules:
Happy's Martial Arts Av: 12
Lifting/Throwing Penaltty for Large Dog/TV/Table: -2 (thus the 10)
Hitting 2 opponents with one attack: -2 (nerfed to -1 due to size of table, though they've combined rules for attacks/lifting which isn't covered in the rules)

Hitting two opponents with 1 attack incurs a -1 or is it -2 penalty usually? But because this is a non-opposed thrown item attack using Martial Arts rather than a ranged thrown weapon attack against Dodge, since the table is just so fricking big, I guess I can understand. It's been a while since I ran BoF, I'm not sure how I did this.

Re: Hopping Vampire, with a Bod/Str of 8, I'd agree, if Spines gives +2 damage per level as the book says and these have x3 schticks, they should have damage of 14, not 11, they're only getting +1 damage per level.

thanks man

hitting more than one person is regarded a stunt and so is the -2 penalty.


1 person - AV as stands
2 people - AV -2
3 people - AV -3 and so on

though it depends on circumstance. If for example a PC did one hell of a cool stunt in an attempt to say take out -4 mooks then I wouldn't give him a -4 penalty. However if he wanted to attack 4 people in a row on his shot (just one after the other) then I would (if I thought it was feasible at all).

Re: Hopping Vampire
Remember to add +1 to the 14 damage if the claws are used in a punch, and +2 to the 14 damage if the claws are used in a kick.

The Hopping Vampires in Four Bastards also have the wrong damage for them given.

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Re: Tables

Iron & Silk gives these stats for a "Table"


The 8 damage is if it is thrown. If you use one for a melee weapon the damage is Str+3
The next set of stats is the Difficulty to the Strength Check to lift it which can be from 3-7.
The number 3 is how many times the table can be used before it is useless.