Baptism of Fire: NPC/Location Cards, Article

Suitable (probably) for cutting out and using as simple visual aid handouts for players for the Baptism of Fire intro scenario.

Homemade: Example "Newspaper Article" For the Eating Counter for Baptism of Fire intro scenario ... N2Mw&hl=en

Homemade: NPC/Location "Cards" for visualization aid for Baptism of Fire ... NDg4&hl=en

Very nice work.

I love the Bun Festival and the exterior shots of the eating counter. Nice tone on the resturant reveiw as well.

I like the new characters you threw in (the Poison Thorn Femme Fatale would be a nice way to spice-up the construction site battle), and I love who you cast as Ta Yu! It's got me thinking about what a Shang Tsung-style sorcerer would look like in Feng Shui...

Hey, thanks for the reply!

It turned out really well, and was due in part to both my on and offline groups. My online group inspired the femme fatale because I actually had a female player ninja who wanted a worthy female henchwoman nemesis, plus the Thorns were outmatched by the PC's without her, so one of the generic woman thugs in the book illustrations became Candi, and my offline group, as we played, just sort of put me in the mood and mind of most of the characters being younger than I had usually envisioned them, including Ta-Yu, and Tagowa (?) seemed to be a natural fit.