baseline for teleportation?

I'm curious what everyone uses as a baseline when teleporting items other than bodies? Do you use the Level 30 ReCo as the "jumping" point for all spells that want to teleport something, or is it harder for some things and easier for others?

For instance, someone had suggested the bag that is always full of food, transported to the bag from a storehouse someplace safe. Or the waterskin that is linked to a well back home... A ReHe/An effect or a ReAq effect...but when you start looking at a 30+20 for arcane connection, and then another 15-20 for any distance, and then a usage that allows a few times a just seems like too much for transporting a skin of water and a bit of dried meat...

What do you do for your saga? Where does teleportation rank as a rego effect?


1st of all I'm curious how you would get an arcane connection to the well water or sack of turnips... i suppose the water could be done as long as you have a drop or two left in the bag...and it hasn't expired (which if i remeber correctly with water is kinda fast).
The food? would you take a small part of each peice?

Either way I like the base 30...teleporting should not be easily done on anything you want

A spell that targets a container (with a Room target) and that teleports all in that container should be fine: the container could be a bag with an arcane connection that doesnt expire. In this case you only need someone who refills this container (like your grogs at your home covenant).

Besides that I think 30 base for everything is very balanced, because if it would be much easier you could make extremly powerful effects.

I may be misremebering

If all teleportation spells are base 30, I assume you are fine with leap of homecomming being level 30 at range personal. However if a magus wants to develp a spell to bring his familiar to his side at range AC then the spell would be level 50 do to the range modifications to the base level.

Is level 50 good to bring something to you?

considering that the general though is you travel with your clothes/personal effects/small items...I'd say Yes level 50 is fine if you you really need to haul about large items over great distances(others will probally disagree). I say this more from a balance point of view than anything else, it can be annoying enough having the magi just blip back home at night to get a meal and sleep in a bed. Now they want to bring along a horse and wagon? let them work for it I say!

This is how I would go about it. In a rush I've always extrapolated from the guidelines of other Forms if the relevant doesn't cover the issue at hand. I would do the same with Teleport spells.

But having the time to give it more thought I would use the same level Guidelines for Corpus for Animal aswell, or any other living thing. For inanimate things however I would look to the Terram guidelines and suggest the following reasoning: teleport does not figure in the Terram guidelines. The closest base level to be comparable is to me the base level 3 of ReTe: "move dirt in a very unnatural fashion" and the base level 15 of ReCo: "Move a target quickly in any direction you please". I think those two are relatively comparable, as each move the target in ways it could not normally do, yet it is short of teleportation and the movement is a constant movement from point A to point B.

From the above I would conjecture the following ReTe guideline for teleportation.
3: Transport the target dirt instantly up to 50 paces
4: Transport the target dirt instantly up to 500 paces
5: Transport the target dirt instantly up to one league
10: Transport the target dirt instantly up to seven leagues
15: Transport the target dirt instantly to a place to which you have an Arcane Connection
This considerably lower than the Corpus guidelines, but if you recall the need for Magnitudes due to stone, iron, Range Touch, size, etc. they become more equivalent. Does this sound reasonable?

The virtue is getting a guideline fix (although I might consider moving the whole thing one tier up). The challenge is also the fact that on many other issues the guidelines of the different Forms are not completely equivalent.

Depending on the size and nature of such a container I would argue that a Target Individual spell (still with the proper Casting Requisites) would suffice in many cases.

Btw, did the collection of Spell Guidelines ever move forward? I had the corebook done, but I was wondering whether the guidelines from the various other books ever got added by anyone?

The issue that I have with this as I tried to explain above and failed to, is that it is four magnetudes higher to transport something that you have an arcane connection to to your side than it is to transport something by your side to a place at arcane connection range.

Four magnetudes higher to pull your familiar to your side than to send it from your side to your lab.

That doesn't feel right to me.

Ah I see what you mean, and you got me convinced. I doesn't feel right.

The question is then how to house rule it - and maybe also consider doing the same for the ReCo guideline, though that might have other consequences.

I look at trying to bring something to you as one of the following:
a) Focusing the magic on the AC and using that link to pull the original to you
b) Using magic on the AC to locate the original and then sending the magic great distances to work on it

Either way you don’t have the original at hand, which is easier to work with. The following analogy may help explain my view...your breath is the magic, the paper is your familiar.
You blow on a piece of paper in front of you. It slides across the table.
Now start with the paper farther takes a bit more to make it start moving (moving from touch to visual range)
Start a bit farther.(AC range) can you even get it to twitch? Maybe. You probably need a straw to focus the air, but it will move
Now try to move the paper back to you by sucking in...If you can do so with out passing out I'm impressed

It is a nice allegory, and a way to explain the current rules, but I still don't like the implication of the rules and would prefer the circumstances remedied rather than the explanation, even if it is great.

Basically I think the problem is that whereas both spells (teleporting to and from your location) depend on AC, only one of them has to calculate this into the Range of the spell (teleporting to your own location) and thus they become very uneven. It is a wierd thing and quite contrary to the otherwise streamlined rules for magic.

Maybe this should or could be remedied by disallowing the AC in the Guidelines and only use it as a Range? And then settle that both the Range to the Target and to the Destination has to be within range and then let the magnitudes be decided by adding relevant Ranges? This would then require a standard teleport magnitude to be set.

It would however remove the curious but well-sounding 'league' and 'seven league' ranges!

I think that the ReCo base guidelines should be kept ,
and look at the Base Individual that can be moved.
The suggested guidelines above lead to anomalies due to moving small things like diamonds
which have such a relatively high level and low "mass" (one cubic inch in size).
In fact a standard ReCo spell without casting requistes would allow a magus to teleport with carried diamonds.

Modifiers based on Group and Size would be used for Teleporting Animals.
We can be consistent for all Re(Form) Teleport spells if they use the Base Individual of a Form.

Anyone considered ReVi teleport spells to move arcane connections?