Battle of the Geeks?

Hey I think I would win than contest with my new tatoo an my left foot :smiley:

(next week... so long...)

And wait until I show MY LARP outfit Michelle :wink:

Wow, that's... commitment.


Does it give off a mystic glow when you cast your magic?

My dog was called Flambeau. Cat called Trianoma. The only problem was flambeau was unable to kill a fly while Trianoma was a vicious killer. Flambeau is long dead. Trianoma is at my parents (and old)

Still, the tattoo beats that hands down


Awesome! :smiley:

People in my hometown know me as Apromor 8)

And I named my kid Bonisagus! Can't tell you how difficult it was to convince the wife, but it payed in the end, I think. It is a homage to the Founder, obviously, but I decided on it after realizing Tremere would just attract too much attention from the... wrong crowd.

[size=67]This is obviously a joke, by the way, I mean, I'm not even married OR have any kids... :wink:[/size]

Yan, for a second you had me really worried :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :laughing:


Me too :open_mouth:

And that, my sodales, is how ReMe is supposed to work... Now if you would open your tomes on the light green section, page 184, item 5.3 you will see...


not anywhere near the tattoo, but all of the main servers in our office were left to me to name and password

There are 6 Houses and the passwords are a vaguely associated form.

I might be overcautious, but I would delete the password thingy, even if it is extremely unlikely that anybody would use it.

Still, you are a geek :smiley:


these are all offline servers so I'm not too worried...

I also had to change the passwords as people couldn't remember

I am an amateur DJ, and spin electro house at home for fun and like to make mix-tapes (which are mix-cd's actually, but whatever). Because it's house music, the first few were named for the founders :laughing:. I did a House Flambeau, House Mercere, House Tremere, and a few others. There was a theme to it too. House Mecere had hidden messages, House Ex-Miscellanea was made up of tunes from a variety of different generes, and so on.

Ok this one is actually true.

One of our friends has had his copy of ArM3 especially bound in leather and wood, with carvings of mystic symbols.

The resulting work looks very much like an old tome, and weights a lot too, it is pretty cool.

Cost like 400 dollars at the time too. :open_mouth:

Yes we can!

Watch my inside, the order is deep within me!

Tinme to introduce personalized titles to the forum. Lucius is THE geek of the forum hands down.

Cool tattoo. Not something I would ever dare to do myself, but it is cool none the less :slight_smile:

So true. So true.

If not Lucius THE geek, then at least Lucius Ex Criamon....

Most impressive. And creepy. The flesh pulling back is ... unsettling.


Meh. His left foot is not even a cloven hoof. :frowning:

(You, sir, are a geek.)