Beasts of virtue: cat, and squirrel?

2 questions.

  1. I recall strongly having read about a cat of viertue with a might level of 8 or 9 but I cannot recall where I read about it. Any pointers?

  2. What characteristics would you give to a squirrel of virtue? Regular squirrels appear in Lords of Men, and according to that book they were common medieval pets. I am very rusty rules-wise right now, so any suggestions appreciated.

The Cat of Virtue I recall is in RoP:M p.70 box Cat Character Template, and its Might can be adjusted to saga and role.

I just checked an internet bestiary and there's no mention of a squirrel. Thinking of legendary squirrels, the norse Ratatoskr has very little mention in ancient texts. Therefore, make stuff up.

If you're sticking close to the real world, the ability to locate things hidden underground and amazing mobility in trees. Maybe abilities to cry out a warning when strangers approach your tree?

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@OneShot 's suggestion seems best. Cats are not listed on page 41 of HoH:MC. The closest on pages 67-68 of RoP:M would be the Lynx of Virtue.

I don't see either mentioned in the contents of Physiologus. There are some other books, if you can find them and handle the languages (which I cannot).

Squirrels could bypass magic resistance by dropping nuts on people's heads. :wink:

I think there might be a cat of virtue in HoH: Soc?

Otherwise, one popped up in 30 Days of Familiars over in the Post a Day topic (though it might be a faerie?).

I made a few cats, one was a faerie, one was a hyperintelligent Machiavellian kitten.

There's also the Matagot of page 52 of F&F though obviously they're not Beasts of Virtue and, in fact, are not very virtuous at all - I'd have thought for sure they'd be Faerie or even Infernal...

Edit: Or maybe you're thinking of Virgil from Semanita Errabunda? Alternately, I (very briefly) played a magic cat called Piskin in a PbP on these board - perhaps I showed him to you at some point?

As for Squirrels, Wilderness Sense and Dowsing both seem appropriate, but again I'm not fully sure how people felt about them in the 13th century as they seem to be ignored by the bestiaries...

I found a reference of a squirrel running messages up and down Midgard between the dragon at the bottom and the eagle at the top. Gossip or Busybody could poly, as well as some of the virtues that grant fatigue bonuses (enduring constitution or Long-Winded). Perfect balance could fit as well.

I also found a totally random reference that they were seen as infernal in ancient times (???) in the Wikipedia, but could not find the source of that.

Basically I am considering a familiar for a folk witch, and I am considering moving a little bit out of the to cat/raven familiar. Having a car as a reference is still relevant, though :slight_smile:

Sounds like I dreamt the cat thing. I was so sure about it...