Beasts of Virtue for November

I had intended to start posting this on the 1st November and had been working on getting some creatures outlined for this a few weeks before November - then life got in the way and I'm only now starting to put together my notes into a form that can be posted.

That being said, I will be posting what I have been able to do over the next few days and will be trying to do more - I don't think I will hit 30, but I am determined to do something this year and am aiming for 15 at the very least, hopefully more, along with plot ideas and a little bit of creative writing.

Any requests for any kind of creatures are warmly welcomed as I currently have 4 designed and 2 outlined, so if anyone wants a creature designing feel free to specify not only the creature, but season and any particular references you would like to see referenced in it's powers - I have been using this website for inspirations

Any observations and highlighting if and when I have got it wrong is encouraged


1 - Hedgehog
“To prepare for winter, hedgehogs roll on fallen apples to stick them to their spines, then taking one or more in their mouths, carry the load to hollow trees. Hedgehogs foretell a change in wind direction from north to south when they retire to their lairs. When hunted, they roll up into a ball so that it is not possible to pick them up without touching their spines.”

Pliny the Elder, Natural History, Book 8, 56

Acumen - Hedgehog of Virtue

Cun +1 Per +2
Pre -3 Com -3
Str -8 Sta +3
Dex +2 Qik +7

Magic Might : 10 ( Base 5 - size -5)
Hedgehog of Virtue - Spring
Size -5

Personality Traits:

Cautious and Stealthy* (Dex) +3, Brave -2 , Hoarder of Vis +2

Virtues and Flaws

Virtues Flaws
Magic Animal Fear (Open Spaces)
Second Sight(From Magical Qualities)
Minor Essential Virtue - Cautious and Stealthy (Dex)

Qualities and Inferiorities :

Animal Qualities and inferiorities:

Defensive Fighter (+1 Fatigue)
Spiny (+5 damage to attackers using Bite, Claw or Fist)
Tough Hide (+2 Soak)

Magical Qualities and Inferiorities

Minor Virtue (Second Sight)
Lesser Power x2
Personal Power
Improved Abilities


Dodge Init +7, Dfn +12
Spines (Cause +5 damage to attackers using Bite, Claw or Fist)

Soak: +6


Brawl (dodge) 4
Survival (Forest) 3
Awareness (predators) 3
Athletics (running) 4
Second Sight (vis) 2

Powers :

Lesser Powers

Forage the Bounteous Fruit (Lesser: 20):

Points: 2, Initiative: Qik-6,

Form: Vim, Range: Touch, Duration: Mom, +0, Target: Ind

This spell is a re-skinned version of gather the essence of the beast, allowing Acumen to gather vis into a nearby fruit that he can carry away

Base 10, +1 Touch, +1 Might cost

Twisting Vine, Falling Fruits (Lesser: 10):

Points: 2, Initiative: Qik-4,

Form: Herbam, Range: Touch, Duration: Conc, Target: Ind

With this power Acumen is able to control a plant, vine or tree, allowing the creature to make it lower it’s fruit to the ground, or shake them loose.

Design: Base 4, +1 Touch, +1 Conc

Carry away the Bounty of the Orchard (Lesser: 20):

Points: 0, Initiative: Qik-4,

Form: Herbam, Range: Touch, Duration: Conc, Target: Ind

With this power Acumenis able to attach fruit to himself without damaging or bruising it

Design: Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +2 Might Cost reduction

Personal Powers

Resistance to Claws (Personal: 25):

Points: 0, Initiative: Qik-1,

Form: Animal, Range: Per, Duration: SunTarget: Ind

As per the power for cats in RoP:M - gives the creature +3 soak

Design: Base 5, +2 Sun, -2 Might cost

Story Ideas

“A most useful creature was the hedgehog I named Acumen, for it was in his nature to find and store vis, since that is the true food of a magical creature. It’s natural proclivities combined with the powers it had meant that it would often harvest and gather vis in such profusion that I could often harvest the excess , always leaving enough for the beast itself, but still allowing myself a harvest of vis I could never have expected had I not found this small fellow one day, rooting through the bushes, so fascinating.
Excerpt from “Where be Dragons” by Ferrorum Ex Merinita

  • Vis sources belonging to the covenant are being harvested by someone - the culprit is a hedgehog of virtue, how do the covenant deal with this interloper and can they track it down and find where it has stored the vis it has harvested

2 - Bear

“The bear (ursus) has its name because it shapes its young with its mouth, “as if begun” (orsus). Bear cubs are born as a shapeless lump of flesh; the mother, by licking it, gives it shape. The bear's strength is in its arms and legs, but its head is weak.”
Isidore of Seville [7th century CE] (Etymologies, Book 12, 2:22):

Zdenka - Bear of Virtue

Int +1 Per +1
Pre -1 Com -3
Str +6 Sta +2
Dex +3 Qik 0

Magic Might : 8 (10- size2)
Bear of Virtue - Spring

Size +2

Personality Traits:

Shaper of Bears* (Dex) +3, Greedy +1, Reclusive +1

Virtues and Flaws

Virtues Flaws
Magical Animal Greedy (Minor)
Minor Essential Virtue - Shaper of Bears (Dex) Reclusive
Ferocity (When Injured) Driven (Sculpt the Perfect bear) (Major)
Improved Characteristics
Tough (Soak +3)
Free Expression (+3 to create new artwork)


Bite: Init: +0, Attack +6, Defense +3, Damage +6
Large Claws: Init: +0, Attack +12, Defense +7, Damage +10
Dodge: Init: +0, Attack --, Defense +3, Damage --

Soak: +9

Qualities and Inferiorities :

Personal Power (x4)
Improved Abilities (x3)
Improved Fatigue (x1)
Improved Soak (x2)
Gift of Speech
Susceptible to Deprivation


Animal Handling 1 (Bears)
Area Lore: Elbe Sandstone Mountains 2 (Rocks)
Athletics 3 (Sprinting)
Awareness 3 (Prey)
Bargain 1(Selling own goods)
Brawl 3 (Large Claws)
Hunt 2 (Deer)
Swim 1 (Against the Current)
Czech 3 (Bartering)
Sculpting 5 (Bears)
Survival 3 (Foraging)

Personal Powers :

Licking the Cub into Shape - MuAn25 : Might 1 - Constant

Zdenka can alter the flesh of an animal when licking it so that it can be shaped and sculpted allowing her to change the appearance of the creature so long as the new form keeps it inherently the same kind of creature

(base 4, Range Touch +1, Duration Sun +2, Target Part +1, Constant Power +1) (-2 Might Cost)

Licking the Earth into Shape - MuTe25 : Might 1 - Constant

Zdenka changes any stone, metal or gemstone she licks to make it malleable and shapeable by her tongue

Base 5, Range Touch +1, Duration Sun +2, Target Part +1, Constant Power +1 (-2 Might Cost)

Licking the Woods into Shape - MuHe 20 : Might 1 - Constant

Zdenka can lick wood or wood products to make them malleable and shapeable by her tongue

(Base 3, Range Touch +1, Duration Sun+2, Target Part +1, Constant Power +1) (-1 Might Cost)

Story Ideas

  • The covenant notices that there are an increasing number of bears in the area, and the population continues to expand no matter what they seem to do. Zdenka has been practicing her arts and producing many children to practice her sculpture on. How to the Magi deal with a plague of bears?

  • A traveling merchant has managed to strike a deal with Zdenka - purchasing small sculptures to sell from her in exchange for Honey, and is selling the bear's wares at or close to the covenant.
    When one of the magi see the produce - a Bear themed chess set or similar, they may want to find and commission the maker or learn from them (particularly relevant for Jerbiton or Vertitius magi) - how do they go about finding the creator, and what do they do when they discover it is a talking bear that lives in a magical regio accessed by traveling through the Pravčice Gate

Any magus looking to take Zdenka as a familiar must find a way of suitably expressing their true admiration for her work, and understanding of her calling - increasing her understanding of its economic value might also be an interesting approach.


Corvus the Messenger Raven

Magic Might: 35 (Animal)

Characteristics: Int +1, Per +3 (+6 eyesight), Pre -1, Com +2, Str -8, Sta 0, Dex +3, Qik +5

Size: –4

Season: Spring

Confidence Score: 1 (3)

Animal Qualities: Accomplished Flyer, Crafty, Keen Eyesight, Mimicry, Vocal
Reputations: Can predict the future 4 (scholars)

Virtues and Flaws: Magical Animal, Second Sight, Visions

Magic Qualities and Inferiorities: Improved Attack – Claws x3, Improved Damage – Claws x3, Improved Defense – Claw, Improved Soak x3, Minor Virtue – Famous, Minor Virtue - Improved Characteristic, Minor Virtue – Intuition, Minor Virtue – Social Contacts (Scholars), Minor Virtue – Student of Faerie, Minor Virtue – Well-Traveled, Minor Virtue – Unaffected by the Gift, Minor Virtue – Premonitions, Greater Power, Lesser Power x5, Personal Power, Vis Mastery (1 Mentem vis per year from feather), Improved Abilities x2, Major Virtue – Composer of Power

Personality Traits: Raven* +3, Inquisitive +3


Claws: Initiative +4, Attack +13, Defense +13, Damage +3

Soak: +6

Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, –1, –3, –5, Unconscious

Wound Penalties : –1 (1), –3 (2), –5 (3), Incapacitated (4), Dead (5+)

Abilities: Area Lore – Greece 3 (geography), Athletics 5 (flying), Awareness 4 (food), Bargain 1 (knowledge), Brawl 2 (dodging), Faerie Lore 3 +2, Folk Ken 3 (magi), Guile 2 (elaborate lies), Hunt 2 (small prey), Premonitions 4 (murder), Romaic Greek 3 (poetry), Music 3 (song), Second Sight 5 (ghosts), Survival 3 (Lakes), Teaching 2 (Second Sight)


The Crow’s Song

2 Points, Init +1, Corpus

R: Voice, D: Special, T: Ind

The character sings this song at a target individual, and the next time the target sleeps an Aging Roll is made for him, adding 5 to the roll — even if he is too young to make Aging Rolls normally. This power must penetrate the target’s Magic Resistance to be effective.

PeCo 40 (Base 15, +2 Voice, +3 Special Duration): Greater Power (40 levels, –2 cost)

Bird of ill omen

3 points, Init +1, Mentem

R: Eye, D: Sun T: Ind

This power, similar to Panic of the Trembling Heart ( ArM5 , page 148) is often used to make people afraid of the raven.

(CrMe 15: Base 4, +1 Eye, +2 Sun): Lesser Power (15 levels, +2 Init)

Pluck the eyes from the dead

1 points, Init -1, Mentem

R: Touch, D: Diam T: Ind

By eating the eyeballs of a body, the raven gains knowledge of what the corpse saw in the last 2 minutes of its life.

(InCo(Me) 15 Base 5, +1 Touch, +1 Diam): Lesser Power (15 levels, -2 cost)

Words of the Unbroken Silence

0 points, Init +2, Mentem

ArM5, p. 148: Lesser Power (10 levels, -2 cost, +1 Init)

Posing the Silent Question

1 points, Init -1, Mentem

ArM5, p.149: Lesser Power (15 levels, -2 cost)

Reach for the Eyes

5 points, Init -5, Corpus

Blinds the target with claws and beak. This heals as a Heavy Wound.

PeCo 25, Base 20, +1 touch: Lesser power

Ghostly Form

0 points, constant, Mentem

R: Per, D: Sun, T: Ind

The character can interact with ghostly beings as if he were also ghostly.

ReMe(Co) 15 (base 3, +2 Sun, +1 constant, +1 requisite): Personal Power (15 levels, –2 Might cost)

Natural Weapons: The Raven’s claws are Init –1, Atk +2, Dfn +3, Dam +2.

Vis: 7 Animal vis in the Raven’s wing feathers


In Greek mythology, there is a tale of Apollo who fell in love with Coronis, a Thessalian princess of unsurpassed beauty. He commanded his divine messenger, the white raven, to guard Coronis. Though Coronis was pregnant with Apollo’s child, she strangely did not care for her divine lover, but gave in to the advances of a mere mortal, Prince Ischys. She did not consider Apollo, The God of Truth, could never be deceived.

When the raven brought news to Apollo of his lover’s infidelity, he became enraged that his faithful messenger had not pecked out the eyes of the prince. Apollo flung a curse so furious, the raven’s pure white feathers were scorched black. Apollo killed Ischys and sent his sister, Artemis, to slay Coronis with her deadly arrows (other accounts indicate Apollo killed Coronis himself).

In spite of his ruthlessness, Apollo felt a pang of grief as he watched Coronis be placed on the pyre and the flames roar up. At the last moment, he removed his son from the womb. Apollo gave his newborn son, Asclepius, to the wise centaur, Chiron, who taught him the art of healing herbs. Thereafter, Apollo became associated with healing through his son, Asclepius, the god of medicine and healing.

Coronis was set among the stars as Corvus, the crow (korônê in Greek). How and whether this particular raven of virtue is related to either coronis or Appollo's divine messenger that was scorched until he turned black is a matter of speculation among the greek scholars he has had contact with.


An alternative take on a Lion of virtue.

King of the Savannah

Magic Might: 14 (Animal)

Characteristics: Cun +2, Per 0, Pre 0, Com 0, Str +8, Sta +3, Dex +2, Qik 0

Size: +3

Confidence Score: 2 (6)

Virtues and Flaws: Ferocity (self-defense), Improved Characteristics (x2), Puissant Brawl, Self-Confident, Tough, Proud, Weakness (submission)

Qualities: Aggressive, Ambush Predator, Crafty, Good Jumper, Hardy, Imposing Appearance, Large Claws, Large Teeth, Tough Hide, Vocal

Magical Qualities and Inferiorities: Gigantic, No Fatigue, Lesser Power x2, Improved Powers x3, Improved Initiative, Improved Attack, Improved Soak, Improved Might

  • MASTERING THE UNRULY BEAST (R: Touch, D: Conc, T: Ind) – The lion can make an animal perform any act it is capable of. It can only issue new commands while touching the animal, but the animal will carry them out without requiring constant contact. Further, the animal will allow the lion to touch it throughout the duration of the spell. It is difficult to maintain control of particularly stubborn or fierce animals, such as mules or boars — creatures with appropriate Personality Traits may roll against an Ease Factor of 12+ each round. ReAn 25 (Base 15, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration), 2 might cost (7 penetration)
  • PANIC OF THE TREMBLING HEART (R: Voice, D: Sun, T: Ind) – The Lion roars to create an overpowering fear in one person of itself, another animal or area the lion considers to be under its rule. CrMe 20 (Base 4, +2 Voice, +2 Sun), 0 might cost (18 penetration)

Personality Traits: Brave +5, Fierce +5

Reputations: Fierce (local) 4, King of the Beasts (local) 3


Claws : Init 3, Attack +17, Defense +12, Damage +12

Bite: Init 0, Attack +13, Defense +9, Damage +11

Soak: +10

Fatigue Levels: OK, 0/0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious

Wound Penalties: -1 (1-8), -3 (9-16), -5 (17-24), Incapacitated (25-32), Dead (33+)

Abilities: Athletics 5 (pouncing), Awareness 2 (smell), Brawl 5+2 (claws), Hunt 4 (deer), Stealth 4 (stalking), Survival 5 (arid climates), Penetration 3 (Mentem), Concentration 2 (Spell Concentration)

Natural Weapons: Large claws: Init 0, Attack +5, Defense +3, Damage +4;
Large teeth: Init 0, Attack +4, Defense +1, Damage +3.
Its hide gives it a Protection of +2.

Vis: 3 Rego vis in the lion's mane.


5 - Fox

Foxes (vulpes) are named as if pleasurable (volupes), because the fox flies with its feet (volat pedibus). They are deceptive animals that never run on a direct course, but only follow a winding path. To get food the fox pretends to be dead, then captures birds that come to feed on what they suppose to be its corpse.

  • Isidore of Seville, Etymologies, Book 12, 2:29

Reynard - Fox of Virtue

Int +1 Per
Pre -1 Com
Str -2 Sta
Dex +2 Qik

Magic Might : 12 ( Base 10 - size -2)
Fox of Virtue - Spring

Size -2

Personality Traits:

Deceptive* (Int) +6, Greedy +1 , Truthful -3**

Virtues and Flaws

Virtues Flaws
Magic Animal Overconfident (Major)
Major Essential Virtue - Deceptive (Int) Cruel (Minor)
Animal Ken

Qualities and Inferiorities :

Animal Qualities and inferiorities:

Ambush Predator (If managing to sneak up on pray automatically win Initiative in 1st round of combat and gains a +3 Attack for 1st round only)

Keen sense of Smell (+2 to hunt and +3 to all rolls using sense of smell)

Magical Qualities and Inferiorities

Focus Power (x2)
Personal Power (x2)
Gift of Speech
Improved Abilities (x2)


Claws Init +4, Atk +5, Def +7, Dmg -2
Bite Init +4, Atk +6, Def +8, Dmg -2
Dodge Init +4, Dfn +7

Soak: +1


Awareness (Alertness) 3
Athletics (Running) 3
Brawl (Bite) 3
Hunt (Rabbits) 4
Survival (Home Terrain) 3
Stealth (Stalking prey) 4
Living Language (Local Dialect) 5

Powers :

Focus Powers

Crafter of Imaginem (Focus 50)

Points - Variable, Initiative Qik +0

Duplicates any of a range of non-Ritual Creo or Rego Imaginem spells at a cost of 1 Might point per magnitude of the effect. The level of the effect cannot be greater than the creature’s Might

Personal Powers

The Flight to Maleperduis (Personal: 50):

Points: 4, Initiative: Qik+0,
Form: Animal, Range: Per, Duration: Mom Target: Ind

As per leap of homecoming but Animal based - this allows the fox to flee to its burrow far away (assume it will always have access to an arcane connection to it’s home.)
Design: Base 35, +3 Initiative cost

Story Ideas

“And thus my long search for the goose that laid golden eggs came to an end in a small copse of trees, where I found a most singular fox feasting on it’s corpse. “Fiend!”, I cried in dismay “No, Reynard”” he replied, before springing up and with a flick of his tail disappearing into the trees. I pursued and was accosted by a series of disorientating illusions as I saw the creature seemingly fleeing through a door in the roots of a tree. Reaching it it was nothing more than a hollow beneath a tree, no door or tunnel, just a lingering snickering noise and the feeling of a powerful magic residue.
Excerpt from “Where be Dragons” by Ferrorum Ex Merinita

  • Woe betide any vis source of the covenants that comes from a small animal, like a rabbit, or birds, for the fox of virtue needs to consume magic, and such vis sources are an excellent thing for one to raid

6 - Minnow

The ways of fish are countless, as are their species. Some lay eggs, like the speckled, large fish called trout, and leave them in the water to hatch. Water, therefore, gives the life and form and, a gentle mother to living things, fulfils this obligation as if she were obeying an immutable law.

  • Aberdeen bestiary, Folio 73v - 74r

Minnow of Virtue

Cun -3 Per -2
Pre -5 Com -6
Str -22 Sta +1
Dex +2 Qik +13

Magic Might : 10 ( Base 3 - size -10 - Reduced Might x3)
Minnow of Virtue - Spring

Size -10

Personality Traits:

Evasive Swimmer* (Qik) +3, Shy +3

Virtues and Flaws

Virtues Flaws
Magic Animal Short Attention Span
Minor Essential Virtue - Evasive Swimmer (Qik)

Qualities and Inferiorities :

Animal Qualities and inferiorities:

Aquatic (Can Breath water)
Slippery (+6 to defend against grapple rolls)

Magical Qualities and Inferiorities

Great Power (x2)
Reduced Might (x3)


Dodge Init +13, Dfn +15

Soak: +1


Awareness (food) 2
Brawl (Dodging) 2
Swim (Home Waters) 5
Survival (Home Waters) 2

Powers :

Greater Power

Guided by Maternal Waters (Greater 100)

Points - 1, Initiative Qik -5 Constant
Form: Aquam, Range: Touch, Duration: Sun Target: Part

As per voice of the lake but a constant effect and with +5 size modifier, meaning the minnow should be able to talk with a significant part of the body of water it finds itself in, getting information on the local waters allowing it to protect itself from anything trying to hunt it in the waters, and knowing much about the body of water it is in.
Design : Base 15,+1 Touch, +2 Sun, +1 Part, +1 Constant, +5 size, +6 might Cost, +1 Initiative

Story Ideas

If you will take one piece of advice, it is that it is the smallest and weakest who know the most, for knowledge and the care of a parent is all they can rely upon.
-Excerpt from “Where be Dragons” by Ferrorum Ex Merinita

  • Raising the minnow of virtue into an adult might result in the character having any number of magical fish or sea creatures once it matures - what happens when the tiny fish in the pond matures into a sea serpent?
  • Any magus looking for information about anything happening on a body of water would do well to find a minnow of virtue from that place - looking for info on shipwrecks, hidden underwater resources or other such things - but can you find a minnow of virtue willing to talk with its mother sea for you

7 - Bittern

Down to a marsh, that lay hard by, she ran;
Till she came there her heart was all afire
And as a bittern booms in the quagmire,
She laid her mouth low to the water down:
"Betray me not, you sounding water blown,"
Said she, "I tell it to none else but you:
Long ears like asses' has my husband two!

  • Excerpt of ‘The Wife of Bath's Tale’ From the Canterbury Tales

Bittern of Virtue - The Heralds of Nephelococcygia

Int -1 Per +2
Pre +2 Com +2
Str -6 Sta +1
Dex 0 Qik +4

Magic Might : 18 ( Base 15 - size -3)

Bittern of Virtue - Summer

Size -3

Personality Traits:

Booming Voice* (Com) +3, Loyal to Tereus+1

Virtues and Flaws

Virtues Flaws
Magic Animal Dutybound
Minor Essential Virtue - Booming Voice (Com) Bound to Magic
Animal Ken
Improved Characteristics
Homing Instinct
Composer of Power (Magical Quality)

Qualities and Inferiorities :

Animal Qualities and inferiorities:

Camouflage (+3 to hiding when not moving)
Vocal (Impressive)

Magical Qualities and Inferiorities

Improved Abilities (x2)
Improved Confidence (x2)
Greater Power (x2)
Lesser Power (x2)
Major Virtue (Composer of Power)


Beak Init +4, Atk +2, Dfn +6, Dmg -6
Dodge Init +4, Dfn +7

Soak: +1


Animal Ken (Birds) 4
Area Lore: Nephelococcygia (Personalities) 2
Area Lore: Local Area (Birds) 3
Athletics (Flying) 4
Awareness (Predators) 4
Brawl (Dodging) 2
Charm (Flattery) 2
Concentration (Powers) 4
Leadership (Birds) 1
Music (Birdsong) 5
Stealth (Marsh) 4
Survival (Marsh) 3

Powers :


The Bittern’s call can carry for up to 2 miles - up to aproximately 2000 paces depending on local Conditions

The Bittern's powers that rely on the sensory magic (sound) are always performed using it's booming voice and to represent this the Bittern of virtue should always use these at the maximum volume possible - making it very loud and un-stealthy to use unless sufficiently hidden.

Greater Power

Summon the Winged Host (Greater 20)

Points: 2, Qik -2,

Form : Animal, Range : Personal, Duration : Performance, Target: Sound

The Bittern’s call summons the loyal servants of it’s King, as well as compelling their mundane cousins to gather at the Bittern’s summons. Whilst the Bittern makes it’s call then, starting in the following round, 10 mundane birds arrive each round, and this will continue every round whilst the bittern is calling. The type of birds that arrive depends on the local birds. At the story guide’s discretion magical birds may arrive if they are in the area, so long as the bittern is serving Tereus, to answer a call from their liege lord’s herald. If the mundane birds are not commanded to perform some task they will slowly disperse over the next few hours. This power itself does not grant the character an intrinsic ability to command the flock, but is useful in concert with other birds with powers to command. This power is often used to gather mundane birds that can be employed by the birds of Nephelococcygia when going to war.

Design : Base 2, Performance +1, Sound +3, +2 (size of target)

Command the Flock (Greater 35)

1 Point, Init: Qik–4, Animal

R: Voice, D: Sun, T: Group

As per the power in RoP:M with no modifications

Harken unto the Voice of Tereus (Greater 45)

Points: 1, Qik -3,

Form : Animal (Mentem), Range : Personal, Duration : Momentary, Target: Sound (+2 size)

All birds (both magical and mundane) hearing this magical cry have a memory of a command or pronouncement being given by Tereus.

Design : Base 5, sound+3, size +2, Might cost (-2)+2, Mentem requisite (+1)

Lesser power

Master of the Reedbed (Lesser 15)

1 point, init: Qik-4,

Form : Herbam, Range: Touch, Duration: Sun, Target: Group

As per Intuition of the forest.

Design : Base 1, Touch+1, Sun+2, Group+2, Might cost (-1) +1

Hidden amongst the Reeds (Lesser 35)

1 Point, Initi Qik-4

Form : Animal, Range: Personal, Duration: Concentration, Target: Individual

Bitterns are well known for being able to camouflage themselves, but the bittern of virtue can take this even further by hiding amongst the reeds as part of the reeds

The Bittern can transform itself into a clump of reeds or similar plant native to the area, allowing it to very effectively hide itself from anything hunting it.

Design: Base 15, Concentration +1, Might cost (-3) +3

Story Ideas

Unseen amongst the Reeds the heralds of Nephelococcygia spread the word of their king to all who can comprehend. Tereus’ messengers may work unseen, but they make his words heard for miles around the reedbeds where they hide, proclaiming his will to those of his subjects far and wide. I do not suggest disturbing them. Not only are they hard to find, but laying hands on one risks them invoking their master's wrath. .
Excerpt from “Where be Dragons” by Ferrorum Ex Merinita

  • The Bitterns serve as heralds and messengers for King Tereus (RoP:M p68). They know many of the secrets of the king of birds, and his court. What knowledge might ambitious magi seek to gain from them, and what consequences might there be for interfering with the king’s messengers
  • One of the covenants grogs has been gathering reeds from the marshes and has accidentally killed a bittern of virtue that had transformed into reeds to hide from what it through was just a passing human - the Magi must now deal with the fallout as Tereus demands the grog be handed over for punishment, so that a flock of birds can pluck out his eyes as punishment. If the magi refuse to hand over the grog then he pledges to make war against them and their covenant!
  • Bitterns calls can be heard up to two miles away. Medieval scholars believed the bittern achieved this by putting its bill into a reed, or the water, to somehow enhance the distance their voice can carry - this is represented as a new range (Bittern’s Boom) which is equivalent to voice but can travel up to 2000 paces. Finding out how bittern’s can have their voice travel so far and if this can be integrated into a spell might attract the attention of magi who realise just how far they might be able to have their voice carry.

The Summon the Winged Host and Harken powers would probably be better represented by R: Personal and Target: Sound (from Bjornaer Sensory Magic) just noting that their range is increased due to the creature being able to send its voice so far.

And it wouldn’t be terrible for them to have a new range but the fact that it affects all who hear is a target and not a range.


A fair point. I forgot about the whole needing to be perceive and the fact the original spell Winged Host is based on has its range described as 'special' that should have made me think. I'll have to look over and redo the powers then.
Edit - And edited - also realised adding mentem prerequisite for those magical birds with intelligence would be a good idea for the Harken power