Becoming consists of 3 rituals. One for the body, one for the mind, one for the spirit.

But, can you do only one of these? It really seems so.
Problem is, if it is so, Transforming the body and nothing else might be the single better immortality ritual ever:

This gives immunity to aging at few costs, without the other problems immortal magi face, especially the experience problems, as these are normally brought by the "Transforming the Mind ritual:

Would this be possible? It seems so, but, if it is... We're facing potentially immortal magi with learning ability.

I made just the same observation just after the book was published. The author's answer was that being the subject of a partial ritual was indeed feasible, and excellent as immortlaity methods go, but it might cause the half-fae, half-human mage growing psychic stress (i.e. turn him slowly mad) from inner conflict. There was no definite time schedule for this side effect to appear, though, apart from GM's fiat.

Yes, you can always just do one.. but.. not being able to cast fatiguing spells without confidence -is- quite a big downside.. and you'll still be gaining warping points and various things, so you're still not quite immortal

Transforming the spirit makes you immune to warping as well and therefore fully immortal, even if there's the drawback that your magic now is a faerie power, and therefore gets heavier penalties in some auras.

Transforming the mind is the part that should be delayed as much as possible.

The loss of fatiguing spells is a big downside for mages that rely a lot on spont spells. For such mages, the Great Elixir might be more appealing, as it keeps the ability to spend fatigue.

Hum... I like it.

An insane 1/3 human, 2/3 faerie with centuries worth of experience... Might make a great NPC :smiley: A lot like Amber's Dworkin :smiley: