Beer Money CHurch Key and new expansions

Hi! (Jab)
I'm really into Lunch Money, Beer Money, and Sticks & Stones. I combined all 3 sets into one uber-deck of 275 cards! I got my friends into it and we're planning on having our own tournament! It will be one game where everyone starts with 100 points! It's gonna be crazy! Anyways I have 2 questions. The first is, where can I get a Beer Money Church Key? I know it was a special promotion, but I would love to have one to have along with my set. So if there is anyway I could get one, that would be awesome! My second question is, are there any plans to makes more sets/expansion packs? It would be awesome if there were. My friends came up with a few ideas. Drug Money, Crack Money, Sex Money, Blood Money (that one would be very interesting), Ninja Money (how cool would it be to have swords, nunchucks, and throwing stars as weapons), and Allowance Money.

Hi there. The way to get a Beer Money church key is to join our Special Ops demo team! If you run one game store or convention demo, you'll then be eligible for getting our demo-support freebies, of which the church key is one. For more info on the demo team, see

We've thought of doing more expansions, but there are no plans in the works for them at this point. Unfortunately, most of our ideas end up devolving into things like Welfare Money and your own suggestions. :frowning:

I sent in the application to become a special ops member. I listed you as a referral! :smiley:
If you guys want ideas for the next Lunch Money set, I would love to help develop the next game. I'm about ready to make my own set!
How about Bus Money? Eventually you could even have an expansion pack for it called Cab Fare!