Beer Money - Fists of Fury

Fists of Fury makes 3 seperate attacks. What happens if something (like a Block+Grab+Whatever) happens on the first attack?

In other words, under what curcumstances are the second and third attacks negated?


Nope, they go on to smack ya! Only Humiliation will stop them or Block & Faster.


Even if the Block+Grab+Attack on the frst one knocks or otherwise incapacitates the original attacker?

Yep ... that's kind of the point, that you have to defend three times.

Nobody defends it all three times in games I play, it's a waste of defense cards.

In any case...

To me I always enjoyed visualizing the flow of attacks and I can't wrap my mind around getting Manhandled out of play in response to the first attack and then still completeing the other two.


What happens when you play a Midevil on a Fist of Fury? Is it +2 to each of the three attacks or just +2?

It's plus two to only one of the three attacks.

That is how I have been playing it, but thanks for the clarification. It will end the debate in our group. Thanks again.