Beer Money - self help

Man I feel dumb asking this, but I've found myself doubting. I've always played that self help/redemption/first aid had the ability to not only heal damage you've taken, but rise you above the maximum. I did that 'cause I seem to remember reading it in the rules (then again, I also read that the starting number of counters was 20 not 15), but looking back I notice that little clause is absent.

...So, can they raise you above your starting number of counters?

Quoted from the rules:

Heal: You may choose to play as many
SELF HELP and REDEMPTION cards on your
turn as are in your hand to restore lost
counters. If you choose to heal, this is the
only action you can take on your turn.

The word recover would seem to indicate that you can't go above starting levels. Personaly I usualy play with 20 counters when the game is more than 2 people. It seems too easy for people to gang up. The extra counters give the one on the receiving end a little more time to catch up.

It seems to be unofficial, but we used to play that there were a fixed number of counters in the game. When you were hurt, you put them in the middle, and when you used First Aid, you took them from the middle. So you could go above your starting maximum, but only if someone else had already been hurt.

My friends and I don't actually use counters, we just keep track...

Hi there. I just added a note about this to the FAQ:

Yay, I caused change! Proud.