Being Overwhelmed by Magic

In a different thread, JL mentionned:

That got me thinking about a possible way to handle this.

Whenever a magus' effective Form score is lower than the magical aura, spell casting is always stress, and botch dice are the same as if the aura was unfriendly.

So, for example, a magus with a score of 4 in Herbam and the Deficient Herbam flaw (so an effective score of 2) tries to cast an Herbam spell in an +3 Magic Aura. Since the aura is stronger than the magus' mastery of Herbam, all his Herbam spells are stressed with 3 botch dice as a base.

This would have the following advantages:

  • Explains why apprentices (with all scores at 0) are often overwhelmed by magic. Training apprentices in a strong aura becomes dangerous to the apprentice and to the covenant.
  • Magi in very strong auras have to be careful with Forms they are not competent in. I've seen (on these lists) magi with scores of 0 in both Arts routinely cast 2nd-magnitude spells because of a combination of the aura, ceremonial casting, life-linked spontaneous magic, etc. All with a simple die.

Just a thought. I don't know if I'll ever use this, but figured it might appeal to someone else.

Heh, nasty.

Deficient doesn´t halve the Art, it halves the total.

Certainly an interesting idea.