Bentalone, the French Alps, Spring 1198

Innocent III has just ascended to the papacy a few months earlier when the covenant receives a trio of visitors coming through the Alps, though not by any path that receives regular traffic. It is an evening in early spring when three men in brown robes, monks by their appearance, arrive at the covenant's doorstep and request shelter for the nights as emissaries of the pope.

Constansa was first to answer the door, politely greeting the emissaries as she began to think up ways to stall in hopes a magus would come by soon and she wouldn't have to take initiative and disturb them. "You come from the Pope you say?" she asked with genuine wonder after getting out of the way with the pleasantries and the introductions. "It's truly and honor, but if you don't mind me asking, what even is near here that's so important that the Holy Father himself has taken interest?"

"I am not so certain it is near here, we appear to have gotten diverted from our intended path, but the lord will guide us and I am certain there is a reason we have been diverted, perhaps the devil seeks to shelter those we go to rescue from their heresy. Our destination though is admittedly vague, as we are headed to the county of Toulouse to persuade the Cathars back into the fold, or to deliver their excommunication if they fail to see the error of their ways."

"Oh my, the situation must have gotten really out of control, that does sound very serious. I'd wager you've indeed strayed off the path, to my knowledge we're not close to any notable heretic stronghold. If you'd like I can help you find your way across Toulouse, but we'll probably want to move somewhere else so we can at least sit down." With that she let the monks in and guided them towards some chairs, hoping she could attract the attention of any magi so they could decide what to do about their guests.

FYI, technically you are in the county of Toulouse.

[Ah, sorry will ammend that real quick.]

When the servant comes to fetch Alienor he tells her there are Priests at the covenant and Constansa has let them in and is dealing with them this very moment. Realizing her wild blue hair and strange patchwork dress of many colors likely will not do for meeting with these dignitaries. She centers herself and casts Aura of Beguiling appearance hoping the spell will help mitigate some of the strangeness of her gift. Waits a moment and casts Disguise of the transformed visage to make herself look more like a lady, more like she used to look when she was younger and had not begun dying her hair blue and enticing it to go all over the place like some swamp witch. But as soon as she is done she knows it is not right and decides to cast it again, this time making herself look a little plumper and prettier, accentuating her bosom, giving herself wider, childbearing hips and a simple but fine dress fit for a noble woman. Before leaving she tells Éléazar, "stay here in my sanctum. I do not want you frightening the priests."

Finding Constansa and the Priests sitting near the entrance she whisks into the room, "Welcome, welcome! And to what might we owe the great pleasure of hosting men of god?"

Constansa has never seen Alienor look as she is and is likely surprised though it is still recognizably Alienor... or her prettier sister.

"We are, in the strictest sense, in pursuit of heretics. Your... entertainer? has suggested that a guide might be offered. To be honest, if we could visit the castle's chapel to refresh our spirit, that could be of some assistance in itself."

Alienor, ever the gracious host, brings them to the chapel. "And when you are done here, if you would like to take advantage of our hot spring... it is the greatest gift our Lord has bestowed on this castle, especially after a time upon the dusty road though perhaps that should wait until after you have been fed." And with that she bows slightly and takes her leave, heading towards the dining room and sending a servant to wait by the chapel door in case they need anything and to bring them to where they might want to go without allowing them to wander into any sanctums.

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Gerard glances up at the doorway as she enters, then looks back at his food, then suddenly looks at her again, more intently.

"Alienor? You look quite different! Is everything alright?"

Smiling, "why yes. We merely have visitors looking for heresy so I felt politeness was the route to take. I left them in the chapel, offered them time in our hot springs but they might join us for dinner when they are done and bath later. I sent... um, one of the servants to attend to them in case they leave the chapel." as she takes a seat for dinner.

Gerard puffs out air exasperatedly. "Why do people love fighting about religion so much?" He shakes his head, then smiles at Alienor. "It's best to be courteous, and hopefully they will have no quarrel with us. What sort of men were they?"

"Priests... I think," she says unconcernedly around mouthfuls of food.

Gerard nods, and goes back to eating.

«We all have things worth fighting for, I think,» says Jerome, looking pointedly at the Flambeaux.

side note: there is no chapel- having one would undermine your magic aura.

[Wouldn’t it only be in the chapel unless we had a bell?]

[Anyway, that means we need to retcon me bringing them to the chapel.]

the fact is having a divine aura inside the covenant is a hook you do not have...

[I was saying if you say we don’t have a chapel, then we don’t have a chapel and we need to backtrack because my interaction would have gone differently.]