Best Use for Lazy Time? XD

In an upcoming game, I'm considering playing a character who takes penalties to their Lab Total in exchange for a few hours less working each day, mostly on account of being lazy. Aside from sleeping, what are some productive but non-exhaustive uses for any hours the magus might free up? I might just have him use said time for sleeping or slacking anyway, but I'm curious for ideas, and I'm sure there will be some funny ideas.

He can hang around the local taverns or the village green, and get exposure points in social skills, area lore, legend lore (misntrel singing) and others. He might also develop some Awareness regarding what is going on. Being lazy and being oblivious are 2 different things. He might also undergo formal or informal study, reading books, observing stuff... I know a lot of people labelled as lazy that are extremely cultivated in non standard knowledges.

Developing a personality trait to work with his Lazy trait, as Relaxed or Unflappable?
Takes a lot of no-work and time to look that cool.

In 80's parlance I would say hookers and blow.
In Mythic Europe how about Amaranth and Faeries?

He can also simply be slow or not well organised: he spending the same amount of time that his sodales in the lab, but he is less efficient.

He can wake up half an hour later than everybody, enjoy having long meal, possibly a little nap afterwards. In this case, you might even try to negotiate for a +1 on aging check because he is having a low stress, easy going life :smiley: .

I do not know if it would qualify as being lazy, but he can also be more interested in non-magical things: any arts, or anything that we would now qualify as hobbies. And he is spending a fair amount of time doing it that it is affecting his output.

Daydreaming, constantly dreaming of some wonderful project he could be doing insted of doing it himself. Maybe he is constantly changing the scope of his project/lab activities, costing him a great deal of time loss.
Or talking about how great his current activity is, instead of doing it - he can either become popular or have an underserve positive reputation about his great project (ambitious researcher, visionary, next breakthrough)... until people realise he is spending too much time talking about it.

Busybody can also lead to some time loss as the person is wasting a lot of time gossiping - it probably requires the Gentle gift otherwise he might find it hard to get some people to talk to.