Between Sand & Sea: Mythic Africa

Folks, I've just updated the Atlas website & product pages to include AG0310 Between Sand & Sea: Mythic Africa, which is the upcoming release for December. Right now the book is in my hands for text proofing & eventual layout, with artwork being commissioned shortly. The cover art is still being developed so that will get posted when it comes in, but you might want to check out the description here:

Everything... West of Egypt? And the Roman Tribunal only covers Northern Africa... So... No in-depth look at Ethiopia?

... Why can't my dreams ever come true? :cry:

Oh well though. I'll still buy it (once it comes out in PDF format, anyway), as it's sure to be a very interesting read!

Well I'm looking forward to this! :slight_smile:

Well, I'm looking forward to this! Can we skip Mythic Locations please? :unamused:

Also, when is the Egypt book due?

oooh oooh mee too!


"Guaranteed to contain no Egypt. No extra charge!"

I can't talk about this book, or Egypt, but I'm really happy, in hindsight, that the most normal Tribunal (Provence) and the oddest place we have yet discussed (North Africa) are so close to each other.

I can't talk about this (yet) either but there's definitely a lot more to Africa than Egypt, so much so that it seemed wrong to just have a single book!


I'm very glad to see this book, which certainly seems to go more high-Mythic than the rest of the line. Which I think is great. I hope to buy it in, like, two years, when it releases in PDF.

And the fact that it doesn't cover Egypt clearly indicates that we're getting an Egypt soonish, which is also great.

What happens South of the Sun, now - that's a different issue, and I'd love to see a highly Mythic treatment of that. (The old supplement, I am afraid, isn't as good as it could be.)

It does seem to mean a lot of future geography books:

  • Mythic Locations out next.
  • Between Sand & Sea coming out after that.
  • Egypt implied to be coming soon.
  • Rome surely to come soon too, as it was votes "most missing" and really needs an upgrade from the 3E book.

There are other tribunals without a Fifth Edition book, but I think Rome will come first. Iberia is also in dire need of an upgrade but Provencal is somewhat close to that and Rome is more central to the Order so I'm betting we'll be seeing a Rome book and sooner rather than later.

And check out the cover art:

I particularly like the russet tinting to the standard line dress.

This should be good :slight_smile:

That it is my friend, that it is... :smiley:

Oh, hush you... 8)

(I am actually cackling to myself IRL That's brilliant.).

I thought you folks might like that. :slight_smile: The magic of Photoshop.

That's fantastic. I can't wait to see that in hand. :smiley: I hope it's here for Christmas!

I'd been hoping this would be the next location book announced!

I'd also love to explore the ruins of Axum, and Ethiopean Christianity - and the Sudd too if a book about Egypt didn't follow the Nile that far out of Ayyubid territory.

This makes me laugh (and not in a manner that is indicative of some contempt for non-Egypt Africa) but as an Egyptian, with a Nigerian friend - I will always remember a conversation topic he told me his high-school teacher back there would ask the class to discuss. It was as follows:

"Africa, no Egypt, discuss..." - aka discuss if Egypt was never there.

A lot of RPG companies do really predictable, orientalist stuff in Africa, particularly Egypt. The key to avoiding it is research.

I agree.Once you start looking there's actually a lot more to Africa (and Egypt) than the standard tropes that dominate existing presentations.

So basically what you're saying is that Africa is exactly like everywhere else Ars Magica portrays: terribly misrepresented in the modern media, both in terms of culture and supernatural belief, but Atlas is actually making the effort to know what they're talking about. :stuck_out_tongue:

In that light, I suppose you could call this predictable by now. :laughing: Atlas, keep doing what you always do. We don't want you to change.

I knew there was a reason why I so enjoy Ars Magica :slight_smile: