Betweentimes at Bentalone

Requies Aeterna is four days travel from Paris, and some arrangement can likely be made there to deliver the letter. Otherwise for your own messenger it would be 2 weeks or more each way...

Hey Silveroak, may have gotten lost in the jumble but would a search for vis sources require an adventure or could it be handled more like hunting for lacunae as a seasonal activity with a roll involved?

it will require an adventure with a beginning of where to look, which will require a research roll versus either area lore+intelligence or magic lore+intelligence.

  1. Is the courier returning to Paris, so that he can take a letter? If he is, that's the first step.

  2. Whether or not that succeeds, I sends a longer letter the next time a redcap visits.

  3. Towards the end of Winter, he starts considering to go to Paris himself, if nothing has happened before then.

He is returning to Paris.
During the winter you get a reply which includes a ritual- not a hermetic spell, to summon what is apparently a lesser daimon which can grant blessings upon your garden. The ritual as written should be performed naked under the new moon, and apparently requires 5 pawns of vis per casting. You aren't certain how many times it needs to be performed to summon the entity in question.

Unless he has Hermetic Theurgy (or this is something completely different) he can't accrue points and has to double the MM of the daimon in one casting. Ignore what I said if this is something different.

the text is non-hermetic, so it is definitely not hermetic theurgy. You could try and use it as inspiration to try and create a hermetic effect...

Is there a teacher amongst the grogs, in particular someone who can teach Artes Liberales and languages?

Is there any traction for Mireilla the Parfumier. who seeks financial help from the Covenant to establish a shop? Her idea is to establish 2 shops, say in Avignon and in Toulouse (for example), so that she can initially work around the clock, 4 Seasons/year if she can, to accumulate Labor Points (but not a bad reputation) and move into the Wealthy bracket. She's looking for around 10 Mythic Pounds, she would also use this to hire and train assistants.

I will edit Leaf's activities, as well.

Will she be creating a second income source? Gerard is in favor. TBH 10 MP is quite affordable. Hell just "free merchandise and goodwill" is enough to make 10 MP worth it.

It could turn into one, though I am unsure how that would happen. She will not be supported by the Covenant, but by her own Labor. This is just in-game justification to establish a relationship with the Covenant (she'd like access to the occasional Magi and grog aid, to the Library, to Jerome and his magic plants), have seed money to create 2 shops, work 2 Seasons in each, and reach Wealthy status as quickly as possible...and keep building shops. Of course, perfume shops in war zones may not be the best business idea. But, she can travel between cities with her Urban regio network, so she could sell her wares very far away indeed.

Alienor is excited about the possibility of a realia of scents.

Mireilla very enthusiastically agrees! Yes milady, indeed. A garden of delights in every little bottle! Oh, I'd travel to the ends of the earth to find new pleasant odors.

“But it can’t just be the pleasant ones. The horrible ones that make you gag and vomit are important for edification as well.”

Mireilla's eyes open wide and her kerchief goes to her twitching nose reflexively. Oh, I couldn't possibly she quickly controls herself and smiles ...perhaps, perhaps this realia might have a series of wings, and well-sealed rooms. So that the odors wouldn't...mix? she smiles sunnily and hopefully

“I was hoping it would be contained within small bottles. How could I recreate a compelling scene of a stilled battlefield if I can’t study its smell. For instance the smell of entrails and blood spilled in the hot sun sitting for a day,” Alienor says cheerfully.

With more enthusiasm My plan does involve finding a glassmaker who can follow my instructions to the letter so that the phial, carafe, or censer that houses my creations is wondrous to the eye as well. It is art, after all. It should...elevate us! she breaks off dreamily
Obviously we wouldn't want your containers to break...prematurely mutters under her breath if at all

“Say I asked you to create a fragrance for me that was a replica of a ocean breeze off the coast near Narbonne or a rare flower from the north coast of Ifriqya, assuming we found you a suitable sample to smell yourself, do you think such a collection might be within your skill?” Alienor says then takes a large bite of stewed meat.

I am quite confident that this would be a matter that careful planning and inspired skills in the shop could handle. I would be quite up to that challenge

But of course, I think setting my shop, or series of shops, in the proper way, and seeing them prosper, would be the first and best thing to do. Then study and exploration! Did you know the Moors have codified many ancient formulae? So much to do, and we are here so briefly! Mireilla manages to be both chatty and guarded, hinting at things

Looking to the other magi seated around the table, “Well I think we should provide her the support this endeavor would require.”

«Sure,» says Jerome, barely looking away from the strange letter he is studying. «This is strange,» he mumbles, hardly audibly.