Betweentimes at Bentalone

This thread is for character and Covenant development between adventures for the characters at Bentalone

Leaf starts.

•He has no Laboratory, so he will spend the 2 Seasons. Is there anything that is already installed, that it would be easy/logical to install that is free. Are they size 0? . @silveroak?

•Spring: Will take the 5 xp from Adventure. Will ask Úrsula to create a wooden Figurine for his use, for Book Learner, this would last from the beginning of Summer to the beginning of Summer 1199
Will enter Lab and learn 2 Lab Texts: (Mental Characteristic) of the Followers CrMe 35, Far Speaking Voice, The CrMe 20. Lab Total is CrMe 30 + 15 Focus + 3 Int + 3 Aura + 4 MT + 2 similar spell (Words of Unbroken Silence) = 57, done!
Summer: Read Creo Summa All things renewed (Cr) L:18 Q:12
Fall: Would like to read the Creo Summa All things renewed (Cr) L:18 Q:12
Winter: Would like to read the Creo Summa All things renewed (Cr) L:18 Q:12

Leaf will ask if there are teachers in the Covenant. If not, he will see what he can do about it (speak to the two Companions to see if they can hire someone). He will also look at the Library, notice that the MT summae is for Apprentices, and propose that their wealth be channeled into Knowledge (Books!), as he has memories of the beautiful library of Jardin.

•Leaf will speak to the Magi on behalf of the Potente sisters, and how they can be useful to the Covenant. Miguela is an excellent warrior, Clarabella is good with animals (and trained as a falconer!), and could be a great scout with her skinchanging talent, and Úrsula has a mystic ability that Leaf thinks would be of great use, rather than assigning her menial tasks. He certainly can use her aid, but can also supervise so that her talents aid the Covenant. He briefly explains (in his rondabout way) about her Figurine Magic.

•Mireilla d'Avignon (Companion) bargains with the Magi for them to provide the funds for a Parfumerie shop. She extols its virtues, ties it in with Jerome's facility with garden flowers. Whether it will be based inside Bentalone, nearby in Aix, or in some place like Avignon is to be determined. She asks for 10 Mythic Pounds, equivalent. She can certainly act as eyes and ears in any urban milieu. She can read and write, and would be interested in being granted access to the Covenant's resources (the Library) in some way. She will support herself, after that initial injection of funds. And of course, repay the investment.
Mireilla will work all four Seasons of 1998 to accumulate Labor points

*edited to include the title of the Creo Summa
*edited for Mireilla activities

the previous magi left standard labs behind, already set up. They were nice that way.

Nice, then let me edit.

Gerard is quite happy to hear about the newcomers, he is starting to be thinking of teachers for his boys.

His activity will change depending on what the rumors are like. Is there talk about a possible crusade?

He will get a little reading in, but if rumors of war start to stir he will think more about spell research.

Jerome will make sure to visit Aix a week or two after brother Rainier left, to listen to gossip, and specifically ask the priest how he perceived the visit, if he thinks the interdict will be lifted, etc.
He will continue to visit Aix at least once a season, more often if the gossip gives cause for concern.

In 1198, he will read Mentem (L8Q21), Vim (L8Q20), Terram (L10Q20), and Herbam (L18Q13) one season each; in that order, unless someone else wants the books, in which case he can swap them around.

Lutra will be taking that 5 adventure exp and invest into Folk Ken (Priests) 1, then with the remaining seasons of 1198 he will read the summae on Vim (L8Q20), Muto (L8Q20) and Terram (L10Q20).

Lutra’s desire to read the Vim Summa conflicts withJerome’s.

1198: Alienor would like to read Muto summa L11Q17 in spring & summer, faerie lore L3Q17 in Autumn, and Vim L8Q20 in Winter.

1199 proposal: anyone want to look for some other vis sources with Alienor? Vim is great but it’s the only thing we have a source for. Can happen in any season.

Then I swap around a little. I think this is the summary.

          S -   S -   A -  W

Terram 0 - J - 0 - L
Muto11 A - A - 0 - 0
Muto8 0 - 0 - L - 0
F Lore 0 - 0 - A - 0
Vim 0 - L - J - A
Herbam 0 - 0 - 0 - J
Mentem J - 0 -0 - 0

Are you sure? I thought it was a season later, due to taking the adventure exp consuming the advancement for the season. Regardless, we can always shuffle it around. As for the searching for new vis sources, if the local lake is on the list of suspect places, Lutra is more than glad to help out.

Jerome had Vim in the second season out of four. Lutra in the first out of three, because he took adventure xp. That means Summer in both cases.

But we just swap it a around a little, and wait for Leaf to revise his plan.

No point in bickering over the order.

BTW @silveroak how far ahead should we plan?

That chart is very useful, is it for 1198 or 1199?

Gerard is reading the Rego summa for 1198 (all 4 seasons).
1199 will be the Terram, two seasons with the 10/20, 2 seasons with the 15/16

Does searching for the vis sources need to be a full story? Gerard will ask whomever is going to take Jaufres (he has Magic Sensitivity), and Guillhelm will want to go too.

1198 ... it was not clear to me how far ahead we are planning.

I just figured easiest to do one year at a time but figured it’s going to be a few years unless the vis hunt needs to be a full story. If I were running a game like this I’d probably leave it as a seasonal activity with a die roll to determine success, on a botch there’s some story involved or the source is contested in some manner.

In Autumn 1198 Jerome receives a letter from a man whom he has never heard of, suggesting that he has secrets of raising a superior garden, if Jerome is interested in exploring such mysteries...
for now treat as correspondence, suggesting the existence of a mystery cult, should he choose to pursue such interests...

Jerome is delighted with the letter, which inspires him to resume his studies of Herbam in the Winter. He makes sure to write a short reply immediately, to return with the same redcap. The letter is passionate and expresses warm gratitude and keen interest, and he promises a longer letter at the next opportunity.

He asks the redcap if he knows the sender. Is there a little bit of context to learn?

During the Winter, Jerome studies the letter again, and looks particularly to contect the ideas it expresses to what he reads in the summa.

Jerome is starting to feel that he has been a little too long in one place, and should like to travel to get new perspectives. He just does not know where yet, but maybe there is a clue in the book or in the letters.

the letter came by private courier, not redcap.

Oh ... so the sender was probably not a magus, then?
He does ask the courier about him, politely of course.
And invites him to stay overnight so that he has time to compose the return letter.

Does he get a name and an address so that he can send another letter later?

the address is to a drop box at the University of Paris

Very well. He gets the short reply off immediately, and prepares a longer one over a month or two, to be sent during Winter. I think we can spare a grog as courier if the redcaps don't want to serve the University in a timely fasion.