Big News for Ars Magica

Anybody want to speculate on what the news is for Ars Magica tomorrow? I believe it's one of three things:
1 Going full digital with no more print books.
2 Ars Magica 6th edition for 2016.
3 The Ars Magica line is ending.

Personally, I'm not too thrilled with any of those possibilities and hope it's some good news for a change.

Anybody else got any ideas what the news will be tomorrow?

Name of the new Line Editor could be a possibility?

Personally, I suspect we'll be getting the titles and release dates of the remaining Chart-era books with maybe some information regarding how the remaining Pdf releases will be handled and/or a status update concerning Magicshoe...

I have absolutely no idea. We already know about Magic Shoe; I guess there may be a new Line Editor, or maybe Cam will take that role - I find it hard to believe 6th ed is ready to go, if it exists yet - so I'm really intrigued!

I know this will be part of it, because they asked me for the necessary information.

I don't know about the rest, but I'm hoping for an HBO series.

(Seriously, I don't know the details, and with only hours to go I'm not going to speculate further on the outline. I expect to have been aware of everything that gets announced, but I also expect to learn details. I am still hoping to be surprised by an HBO series, though.)

An HBO series. Matthew Macfadyen as David Chart? :wink:

I'm not a betting man but as Feng Shui has gone the KS route, and Unknown Armies 3 seems likely next, it might be a Sixth ed, possibly written by Robin Laws with Cam? That is a wild guess though...

CJ x

I just hope for an Ars5.5 that's twice the size and fixes some of the book rules scatter.

Same here. I don't expect to get it, though.

Here's another one: All future Ars Magica products past the current line-up will be kickstarter only. :frowning:

I'll vote for that!

If so, I hope there will be a POD option.

Possibly. Hope it's got good backward compatibility.

As I say, I don't know, but there are precisely no game companies using that model at the moment, because it doesn't make sense. I would be utterly astounded if anyone at Atlas thought it was a good idea.

Now, given the success of the FS2 Kickstarter, I can certainly imagine some Kickstarters in ArM's future, but nothing but? No, I really don't think so.

As an aside, why is there so much pessimism on this thread? The announcement might be really exciting!

I just got here and you're leaving? It's my fault!!!!

So, we burn Egon in effigy at Grand Tribunals now. 8)

I think Growling Door might be all Kickstarter, but I could be wrong...

As to the pessimism, I think that's just how the internet is. Most fandoms do this during changeovers. I was saying to some guys earlier today that I remember the "No Blond Bond" campaign, and the people saying David Tennant would be rubbish in Who, and the people slagging off DS9.

In terms of what the announcement will be...I imagine it'll be the new line editor, and maybe the next 5ed book. One of the other authors has let slip that Egypt's not the last book, and so that gives the new person a big gap to get their head around things. If Feng Shui was not now back alive, I'd have been concerned it was that Atlas was selling Ars, as their final line in the RPG product category. but I don't think that's the case anymore.

It is impossible for an optimist to be pleasantly surprised. :mrgreen:

Just to counter all pessemism:

  • Order of Odin will join Order of Hermes
  • The Diedne will come back in a new book and they are NOT happy about the Order of Hermes
  • From now on, AG will publish 5 AM books per year!
  • Every fan with account on this site will get a free lolipop with a random House symbol on it.
  • All non 5th Edition Tribunals will get their own 5th Edition book
  • The Egypt book will come this year
  • A book about Mythic China and the Silk Road
  • David Chart will return and come back to fill the empty Line Editor possition

Oh, I don't know...I expect that the chocolate eggs in my fridge will still be there (optimism, given that Miss Three knows they are there) but there might also be rice pudding as well, which would be a pleasant surprise.

Is the big news that David is actually Robin Laws in a very good wig?

Is it that he's actually Russell Brand without his very good wig?

I'll put my money on the news being the name of the new line editor and a list of the next books to be published, as the blog post just promises more information today, not a complete and utter surprise.

I want my lollipop Tremere-flavoured.

And an HBO series.

Still no announcement. What time is it in America?!?