Big shiny claws

I'm creating a beastie to terrify my players with, a kind of human sized troll/monster/beast. I've got his stats worked out but want to give it nasty Edward Scissor hands size claws.

I'm pretty sure i've seen the rules for claws around somewhere but I can't seem to find them.

So, is there a set of stats for claws, big ones and little ones and if so, in which book?

The book of mundane beasts PDF contains the combat totals for diverse natural weapons of the beasties appearing there. Each beastie has his own entry.


Cheers Xavi.

If you want the big claws, the book would be HOH:MC, the bjornaer section. ROP:F and ROP:M might contain similar stuff as well to create the big guys for your adventures (monsters).


Characters with Ghoul Blood (RoP:F) have pretty nasty claws that could be useful for your concept.