Bjoarnaer Initiation : echantment question


The Bjoarnaer inner mystery requires a sacrifice of a statue enchanted with 5 senses.

I have tried to figure it out, like vis costs, techniques involved and so on and I am kind of stuck.

Can anyone spare some time to explain to me how does one enchant said statue to meet the requisites ? (Technique and Form, eventually levels).

I am at a loss there :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help,

It would use the magical sense rules, and be R:Personal - so that the object itself can sense. The most obvious way would be to use the base 3 InIm guideline "Enhance one sense in one way."

So the first effect would be:

Give Taste to the Inanimate Thing
InIm 4
R: Per, D: Conc, T: Taste
(base 3, +1 Conc)

The next one would be a magnitude higher, and so on, right the way up to:
Give Vision to the Inanimate Thing
InIm 20
R: Per, D: Conc, T: Vision
(base 3, +1 Conc, +4 Vision)

Of course, there are other ways. The minimum requirement would be five effects, using each of the sensory targets. For example, you could grant the statue an intuitive knowledge of a plant by Taste, Touch, Smell, Hearing, and Vision; or enchant different effects for each sense. Since you are going to be throwing it away for the initiation anyway, I wouldn't worry about making it too good. The symbolism that you know how to use the Magical Sense targets are all that is really necessary.

Using a level 1 base guideline means that your most powerful effect will be Level 10 (base 1, +1 Conc, +4 Vision), so you'll need to spend 5 pawns of vis instilling the five base effects, plus a minimum of another five pawns to prepare the item for enchantment (a tiny object of iron, for example). You will also need time; one season to prepare the object for enchantment, and one or more seasons to instill the effects. If your lab total is sufficient, and all the effects employ the same Technique and Form, you may not even need to spend a season instilling each, but may be able to use the Multiple Laboratory Activities rules (ArM5, page 102).

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Thanks, that helps.

Means my NPC will have to learn some Intellego and some Imaginem.

So to give senses to a statue, we use Im ? This is rather weird, but I'll live with it :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot.

Not weird at all. Imaginem covers senses and perceptions. To create one (an illusion) uses Creo Imaginem; to enhance one or use it at a distance (scrying)uses Intellego Imaginem.

Just think of InIm as detecting species (like human sense receptors) and you should be fine.

But you´re not enhancing a sense. Because most of the time, statues dont run around with any senses to begin with.
I would say creating a sense is more than a little more problematic. Common sense? :wink:

And how do you know what senses a statue has?



But probably based on the sofar missing information of a statue ever using or seemingly use any senses?

I sense a good Criamon/Tytalus discussion coming up.

Speaking to stones indicate that they perceive the world somehow and therefore, they are bound to have some sense at least. I'd risk touch, with adding hearing perhaps...

If you carve your statue in the first place so that it has eyes, ears, nose, skin, and mouth then you should be able to use InIm magic to enchant the senses, like Mark suggests.

Five effects (one for each sense) like the one below (based on Prying Eyes) should do it:

Smell the Room
InIm 5
This power allows the statue to smell what is in the room it is placed in.
(Base 1, + 1 Diameter, +1 Touch, +2 Room)

Of what do statues dream?

(a Marinita joins the conversation)

Statues dream of stone sheep :wink:

Seems my question was not so stoopid then :slight_smile:
Thanks for the laugh though !