Blair McKenzie ex Bonisagus (development)

This thread is for the development of, and discussion about Blair McKenzie: maga, Bonisagus, busbody! Her up-to-date sheet can be found here, on the wiki: Blair's wiki page .

Just going to use this to keep my thoughts in order. Tentative sheet ahoy:

Flaws: busybody (personality, minor); optimistic (personality, major); Greater Malediction - Indiscreet (story, major); difficult longevity ritual (hermetic, major).

Virtues: apt student (minor); gossip (minor); skilled parens (minor); flexible formulaic magic (major); hermetic alchemy (minor); philosophic alchemy (major); Puissant: Magic Theory (free).

Abilities: Language (Inglis) 5; Awareness 2; Charm 3; Folk Ken 2; Concentration 3; Language (French) 3; Parma Magica 1; Magic Theory 5; Dead Language (Latin) 4; Artes Liberales 1; Order of Hermes Lore 2; Penetration 2.

Arts: Vim 9; Imaginem 9; Intellego 6; Rego 6; Muto 2

Spells: Wizard's Sidestep (10); Image from the Wizard Torn (30); Summoning the Distant Image (25), might have to change my art scores up. Not getting the spell inspiration I need here to make a proper feeling grimoire.

Ok, well, wiki page is decently constructed now. I think Blair's stats are fairly set - as her her abilities (may adjust her languages a little, not sure). V&Fs are mostly solid, though Apt Student and Flexible Formulaic Magic might be subject to change.

Now if only I could figure out her Arts...

Philosophic Alchemy rocks! (At least I think so theoretically since I've never played with it.) But you want it working well right out of the gate, right? Is Muto 2 doing you any good? I would consider dropping that to move the points to Creo. Make sure you start with at least a few pieces of red coral, too, which shouldn't be that expensive, certainly worth 1 BP.

Also, be sure not to trash our covenant's Aura, please. :cry:

Pshaw, the aura will be fine. EDIT: and by fine I mean, if we are using the aura modification rules, there's almost no chance Blair's constant extraction will do anything to the aura (mechanically). If her work does result in a lowering of the aura, then that's...probably beneficial. For us. Because once it drops to 4, the chance of the aura rocketing up to 6 is almost guaranteed with only a little work. For my part, I think those rules are just too fiddly to bother with.

Hm...maybe my problem with the arts is I want to start with too much. I really kind of want some imaginem scrying stuff (summoning the distant image, and image from the wizard torn, specifically) but not necessarily anything else from imaginem. I'd probably fill in a lot of the rest with either aquam or auram (though auram demands plenty of focus to do the really snazzy stuff). Then a little bit of CrVi would make a bit different in the lab - and for Blair especially.

The character creation budget is stretched thinly...

I think the Aura Modification rules from RoP: M are pure rubbish, so I don't use them.

Yay! I do find them to be extreme.

Extract away!

As for the Imaginem stuff, you could drop Apt Student or Gossip to put something into Imaginem if you really want to do Imaginem. It's tough with the two Major Virtues (plus a required minor one for one of those). Probably the easiest would be to lower a couple Abilities just a little. Order of Hermes Lore 1 and Penetration 1 would save you 20 points. Do you need Vim to start at 9? You could lower that while raising Creo, giving a higher CrVi for the same cost.

I just wanted to make suggestions so you get your value out of the 4 points you put into getting Philosophic Alchemy.

Aye. What I think I'll end up doing is putting at least six points into Creo and Vim (that'll let me extract 4 pawns a season - which I feel is respectable). Filling out...Aquam a healthy amount, and then looking to learn Imaginem in play. We have some other Im users planned - I'm sure I can find a few seasons of teaching here or there!


To fit Cabal Legacy in (so I can actually take Philosophic Alchemy), I've removed Difficult Longevity Ritual. And added in Weird Magic, and Faerie Metamorphosis. I actually like this change a fair bit. Cabal Legacy is something I'll live with, but adding the other two (when taken alongside Blair's Indiscreet Malediction) presents a stronger 'screwed over by faeries' image.

As Cannonball had to withdraw from the game, I am locking this thread until his return. I will keep her character sheet on the wiki, just because.