Blind magus


I have a question:

how does a blind magus to "see"?

My First idea: Intellego Imaginem with vision sense target. But since his vision is dead, he can't use vision target ...

How would you do that?

InAu25 Eyes of the Bat would be a start.

Not for a starting Magi but what if he had spirits bound to him that would "see" for him.

I think there is something in societates, house Jerbiton chapter, about redirecting species from one sense to another. With the appropriate spell, your blind magus could 'taste' or hear the sight species...

I would begin with something like this

(very) recent thread on same question here:

It will warp him like hell!!!

Why would it "Warp him like hell!"? The spell is designed for him, so no Warping there, and so long as he's not under the effect of it more then half a season, he won't get Warping there. Canon seems pretty kind about this sort of thing.

There are 2 parts to the warping rules - one is to be "subject to the effect" (which diff SG's interpret differently), but the other is that "constant mystical effects" affect anyone and everyone - regardless of the strength of the effect, and regardless if the effect was designed specifically or not.*

(* If designed for the user, constant effects have a lower warping, that's all. See table & rules, p 168.)

Yes, see P. 168, Constant Mystic Effects. Paragraph six, to be precise. "An effect which is active for half the time counts as constant for these purposes. Less then that and it does not.". Pretty black and white. Less then half a season and it does not count as a Constant Mystic Effect, and you get no Warping. I don't see why this is so hard to get across. This is a game about Magic. Moderate use of Magic is built into the system. It's not until you try to build "Concrete Lead Lined Bunker Man!" that Warping becomes an issue.

(but also laughs at "concrete lead-lined bunker man")

So, so long as the blind mage doesn't have that turned on for more than half the time, they're fine.

If it's not a Flaw, then they spend the vis and heal their eyes, done deal. If it is a Flaw, then... it's a Flaw, not something to be erased by 1 season in the lab.

Half is the break point. It shouldn't come up in game too often. Eight hours sleep, Eight hours "working", Eight hours "your time". Sane mages might have "Constant magic effects" up while "working" (whatever that is for you). As to "Flaw", plenty of flaws can be "fixed" in the lab. It's part of the game, and a good ST will still poke a player that does it. First, it "fills the slot" that another player might use for Wizard's Sidestep. Second, it can be dispelled. Third, possible accusations of Magical Scrying. Plenty of things to keep the player busy....

Thanks Cuchain again for the link.... missed that one, although i posted there :smiley:

Remember that an option to have a constant effect without warping is to invest the power into a familiar.

Personally, I'd expect a magus that takes Blind as a flaw to have no access to the vision part of perception, so Eyes of the Bat wouldn't work because it simulates eyesight. I'll allow something like Ears of the Bat, though, that will allow the magus to hear things around him (but, obviously, he couldn't interpret sound as well as a bat does echolocation). But at any rate, it's between you and your SG - just make sure you understand each other when you take the flaw, so there won't be any surprises down the road...

I like the idea of having a blind magus also have something like Magic Sensitivity or Second Sight; he can't see normal stuff, but can see magic stuff...


Heh, I can see the Tribunal now...

"Blinky McBlind Magus, you are accused of using magic to... look at a fellow Hermetic mage! How do you plead?..."

Ah, if only Hermetic Justice weren't so blind.

Ah, but what is magical scrying if it's not using Magic to "look" at a fellow mage?

He'll also have trouble reading, unless he creates a magical item that reads books to him.

Actually the Eyes of the Bat spell does effect hearing not sight. You hear the bounderies in the air around you. That's why it can work in total darkness.

Magi of Hermes has a magic item like that. A CrMe linked to a InIm. See one individual target (a book) at touch range then create the image in the users mind. Totally bypassing the eyes. It’s an combo that could be adapted to uses other then reading. Something to put in a familiar or a talisman perhaps.

Right. Mea culpa.

Why would this not work?

The InIm spell creates a magical vision sense for him.

The fact that he does not naturally have a vision sense is irrelevant, as the spell creates a sense for him.

No, not as described.

An Intellego spell with Range:Vision uses the caster's natural vision to perceive more than normal, but that natural vision is limited by all things that normally limit such, including environmental factors and personal limitations. "Blindness" would be a big limiter. Nothing about these spells improves/repairs/replaces the natural sense.

Unless the spell overcomes an environmental or personal limitation, of course. For example, Intellego Range: Vision spells that allow you to see in the dark, see clearly at a distance when short-sighted, or see through walls are all possible, even though the caster's mundane vision cannot normally cope with these situations.

Why is a spell that overcomes blindness any different to one that overcomes these other limitations?

So? That just means that the spell is rather handy if you do happen to be blind. It's useless if you are not blind.

But they give you an additional, magical sense. Nothing suggests that your mundane analogue of the sense needs to be able to function in the same circumstances. Intellego sense spells would be a bit useless if they could only relay information that your mundane senses can already perceive.