Blind magus?

Is it possible to create a blind magus without having to worry about immediate execution for scrying?

  • He needs a familiar to see for him (or spells/items)
  • can't use range sight spells
  • probably uses aimed area effects a lot

Ideas? Comments?

It's a concept that pops up every once in a while - have you tried the search feature yet?

I think a lot of it comes down to a "will this be prosecuted?" issue. Yes, something may be technically illegal, but if you're taking a blind magus to tribunal because he was seeing via magic a dinner you were both at, the quaesitors are going to be sarcastic at you (and the tribunal will be annoyed at you for wasting their time if it gets that far).

In canon, Haunt of the Living Ghost (pg 144 main book) which projects your image and voice to a location you have an arcane connection to, and allows you to see and hear through the image, does not count as scrying because the other magi can see you're there. I would have thought similar principles would generally be applied.

On the other hand, if you're reading someone's experimental lab text using a spell, even if no other magic was used to procure it, they'll probably have more of a case, and this is an example of where a blind magus would be vulnerable to prosecution when another wouldn't (ignoring issues of deprivation of magical power).

Thanks, I found tons of stuff. Impressive.

That search feature is often worth trying.
And this is probably the most necromancy-friendly forum I know of, if you need to ask questions.
probably the most friendly forum I know of, period.

Does your 'scrying' gain you ANY information that a regular, everyday mundane in the same spot as you could NOT acquire? If no, then you are unlikely to be judged guilty of scrying.

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For a really interesting experience, give your magus the Minor Virtue Personal Power, designing a constant-effect power with the base 3 InIm guideline for improving a sense (totals level 10, with five levels to reduce the Might cost to 0, so I'm not sure what you'd do with the remaining ten levels...), and use it to make a non-sight ability good enough to compensate in unusual ways. Identifying people you know by their scent or being able to pick out the rhythm of their footsteps in a crowd, or being able to dodge attacks and such normally because of a vastly improved sense of touch letting you translate the slight way the winds shift to tell you where an attack is coming from. Good way to try to get into the mindset of a person perceiving the world in a very different way.