Blood of the Valiant Question

Simply question, is there a difference between the Atlas Version and the original printing (besides cover).

When possible I buy Atlas versions (even for dead games), but my local store only has a used a 1st Print. Should I hold out for the Atlas reprint?

[color=darkblue]No, there aren't any text differences. When Atlas got the rights to republish the original Ronin Publishing material, they did so without editing it, so it's the same ass-kicking stuff in both places.

Well Sensi, you continue to be THE MAN.


Actually while the Atlas edition contains all the material from the Daedalus original, the Atlas edition has some Hand-centered critical shifts that were written specifically for the reprint.


Doh! Thanks! So if I had to chose, go Atlas. Cool.

[color=darkblue]Sorry, I shoulda' been more specific that there was extra stuff, but nothing deleted. My bad. :cry:

no problem. nothing purchases yet. I'll try to get the Atlas version, which is what I try to get anyway.