Board shorthand

Hello all.

Birbin again asked in another thread

Although i answered, i remembered (dimly) that there were other board shorthands used both here and, more frequently, on the berklist.

Can anyone tell me what they are? I know there were some other forms of parma, and latin acronyms like UHO (Ut humiliter opinor - in my humble opinion).

Well there's "Ablative Parma", which comes in handy during a flame war when someone starts tearing strips off you... :stuck_out_tongue:



In the officiao FAQ you have the definitions for this kind opf stuff. Serf's parma is when you do not have the books available to check something, because you are at work/place of study.


I just hope that this topic won't go in a "flame war of interpretations of serf parma vs yours" kind of way.

Now that would be irony.

Just to be clear: There is no official FAQ. There is only an unofficial FAQ, which is available through Project: Redcap. You can find Project: Redcap in the "ARCHIVE & LINKS" sticky post at the top of this forum.

-Your friendly FAQ maintainer