Boat laboratory Talisman

I had a character whou decided to create a boat as a talisman and put his lab into it.
With a focus on Rego Magic, he have no big issue to teleport his talisman whith him and I think this is very powerful.
What do you think of that ?

A maga who shrinks auch a talisman with Muto can typically (TME p.107 box) teleport it together with herself, and without requisites.

That is correct, I'd consider something other than a boat since teleporting it around will be a hell of a thing if you travel inland, unless you have in mind some from of shape changing or levitation enchantments.

Also enchanting a boat is a large undertaking with a specialized lab/shipyard requirement, since the boat can't under normal circumstances fit inside a normal lab.

Useful. Nice.

It is powerful, as it is one of the ways to have a boat that has Magic Resistance (as your talisman, it has the mage's magic resistance). However, it is also a talisman that other people might want to get inside, so you may end up with other magi asking to make a journey inside your talisman, sleep inside your talisman, try and catch magical fish from your talisman - and they will be at touch range to your talisman while doing this.

Also, if you don't muto it to be incredibly small, you can't really carry this talisman inside buildings and have to park it on the nearest body of water.

See also - enchanting a building as a talisman; enchanting a tree as a talisman and moving around on it (I believe a mage in Magi of Hermes does this?); Mercere enchanting a messenger's bag as their talisman so any items a Gifted redcap has in their bag gets fully protected.

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