Bonding a familiar for free

Hi all, I was looking over the familiar section in anticipation of gaining Mathius of Loche Caillte a familiar and I noticed something odd.

If you take a small animal such as a rat (size -8), with a might of 15, you can bond it with a lab-total of 0, for a cost of 0 pawns.

From the Core book familiar bond total is 25 + might + (size * 5). You then have to meet or exceed this to bond it.

25 + 15 (-8 * 5) = 0

You need 1 pawn of vis per magnitude of the bond level.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Pretty interesting. However, the vis cost is 1 pawn per 5 levels and every fraction thereof, so I would say at least one pawn.

And the storyguide of Lough Caillte says... 1 pawn for every 5 levels or fraction thereof. :slight_smile: