Book : Release orders

Salve Sodales,

Does anyone have compiled a complete book and date of parution table from the information available on the atlas website?

I'm just trying to organize my library...

Yes I know this is odd.

Good day.


Well, I keep my Ars Magica books shelved in the order in which they were published (except for Realms of Power: Divine - Revised Edition), but have no idea as to the actual release dates. My advice would be to search the titles in Atlas Dispatches and see what comes up...

I believe that warehouse 23 has the information in their online catalogue.

The AG stock number can be used to sort the books in publication order. There will be missing numbers corresponding to other Atlas lines, but larger numbers are more recently published.

I sort my books Alphabetically, which exception of anything which starts with "The", but only most of the time.

I keep the pdfs sorted by product ID, so here is a folder list.

AG0205 Ars Magica - 5th Edition Core Rulebook.pdf
AG0275 Ars Magica - Calebais - The Broken Covenant.pdf
AG0276 Ars Magica - Guardians of the Forests - The Rhine Tribunal.pdf
AG0277 Ars Magica - Houses of Hermes - True Lineages.pdf
AG0278 Ars Magica - Realms Of Power - The Divine.pdf
AG0279 Ars Magica - The Mysteries, Revised Edition.pdf
AG0280 Ars Magica - Covenants.pdf
AG0281 Ars Magica - Houses of Hermes - Mystery Cults.pdf
AG0282 Ars Magica - Realms Of Power - The Infernal.pdf
AG0283 Ars Magica - City & Guild.pdf
AG0284 Ars Magica - Ancient Magic.pdf
AG0285 Ars Magica - Houses Of Hermes - Societates.pdf
AG0286 Ars Magica - The Lion and the Lily - The Normandy Tribunal.pdf
AG0287 Ars Magica - Art & Academe.pdf
AG0288 Ars Magica - Realms Of Power - Magic.pdf
AG0289 Ars Magica - Hedge Magic Revised Edition.pdf
AG0290 Ars Magica - Realms Of Power - Faerie.pdf
AG0291 Ars Magica - Tales Of Mythic Europe.pdf
AG0292 Ars Magica - Magi Of Hermes.pdf
AG0293 Ars Magica - Lords Of Men - WebSupplement.pdf
AG0293 Ars Magica - Lords Of Men.pdf
AG0294 Ars Magica - Rival Magic.pdf
AG0295 Ars Magica - The Sundered Eagle - The Theban Tribunal.pdf
AG0296 Ars Magica - The Church.pdf
AG0297 Ars Magica - Legends of Hermes.pdf
AG0298 Ars Magica - The Cradle & The Crescent.pdf
AG0299 Ars Magica - Hermetic Projects.pdf
AG0300 Ars Magica - Apprentices.pdf
AG0301 Ars Magica - Grogs.pdf
AG0302 Ars Magica - Against the Dark - The Transulvanian Tribunal.pdf
AG0303 Ars Magica - Antagonists.pdf
AG0304 Ars Magica - Tales of Power.pdf
AG0305 Ars Magica - The Contested Isle.pdf
AG0306 Ars Magica - Transforming Mythic Europe.pdf
AG0307 Ars Magica - Hooks.PDF
AG0308 Ars Magica - Faith & Flame.pdf
AG0309 Ars Magica - Mythic Locations.PDF
AG0310 Ars Magica - Between Sand & Sea - Mythic Africa.PDF
AG0311 Ars Magica - Through the Aegis - Developed Covenants.pdf
AG0312 Ars Magica - Thrice Told Tales.pdf
AG0313 Ars Magica - Lands of the Nile.pdf
AG0314 Ars Magica - Dies Irae - A Book of Wrathful Days.pdf

looking at that list I recall that mysteries revised was delayed. It was printed with and came out with RoP:Infernal.

Thanks a lot Ironboundtome.