Book translations

Are there any rules for translating books from one language to another?
I'd be tempted to rule that translating a book:
a) takes as much time as writing the original would take
b) produces a book of the same Level (if any) as the original, with Quality 1 point lower
c) requires the translator to be able to read and write both languages

There is. In A&A. I can give you a page in a few hours when I've been in my books again.

It's in an insert on Page 87 of Art and Academe.

Basically, you need to have scores of at least 5 in both languages, but it's a reduction in quality of 1. You can negate the quality reduction with a score of 6 in both languages. A further reduction in quality is imposed if you do not have an Area Lore of 3 in an area representative of the language being translated from, which represents the cultural understanding.

Hermetic texts only lose quality for the language, and don't have an Area Lore requirement.

That's not everything, but it's enough.

Found it! Thanks a lot to both of you.