Books on Kindle?

Does Atlas Games have any plans to put any of its RPG products on Amazon's Kindle? I know there are already some PDFs out there.

Hi there. Nope, no plans for the Kindle. We're still working on getting our Out of Print products out there as PDFs!

From what I've read, both the Kindle 2 and Barnes & Noble's Nook E-reader can handle PDF. I know that may be cold comfort if you have an older Kindle that can't.

Disclaimer: I don't own an e-reader so have not tried it personally.

I have all of my Ars Magica PDF books on my Kindle DX. It works reasonably well. The shaded backgrounds of some game books makes it more difficult to read than a native Kindle file would be, but I can read a game book on the train and look like any other non-geek commuter.