Boosting stats

We all know that Corpus and Mentem rituals can permanently boost ones stats.

Presumably one could do the same with animal.

But what about a bjornaer magus. If he was the subject of a ritual animal spell to boost his strength while in his animal form, would his strength while in his human form go up too?

I am inclined to say yes, since stronger humans turn into stronger animals (although I can't quite remember the mechanism, I think its in Mystery cults). What's your opinion?

I think so too, if the human form is improved upon then you'd just apply the formula already given for the higher stat. It's not a direct exchange though.

Bloarnear have other options though as they refine their Inner heart beast, they can permanently increase stats (though I think it's only for the inner heart beast form).

I would say it depends on the method. CrCo, only the human form. CrAn, only the animal form. CrCo(An) or the reverse, both.

Permanently boosting stats with magic will always give one Warping point at every year per spell, right?

not if you spend vis on a momentary ritual spell...

Momentary Creao Corpus and Creo Mentem Rituals can give permanent characteristics increase?

Yes. There's even an example CrMe spell for this in the corebook.

I missed this spell...

To clarify, CrCo or CrMe rituals which boost stats are momentary in casting, but permanent in long term effects, but those effects are not magically maintained, just like any ritual that builds something in a moment (Conjuring the Mystic Tower[1], for example). There would be one warping point for the ritual, but there wouldn't be any ongoing mystical effects, so nothing added on a yearly basis.

Gift or Reason, page 148 of the core book. Also, CrMe and CrCo guidelines list out the guidelines for increasing stat rituals.

[1] Technically the Tower should have 1 warping point, if you're tracking warping on objects.