Borealis of Bonisagus (darkwing)

Character sheet for darkwing's magus.

Character sheet

Borealis of Bonisagus

Characteristics: Int +3, Per +1 , Str -1, Sta +1, Pre 0 , Com 0, Dex 0 , Qik 0

Virtues: The Gift, Hermetic Magus, Puissant Magic Theory (free); Book Learner, Cautious Sorcerer, Major Magic Focus: Weather, Puissant Auram, Puissant Creo, Skilled Parens

Flaws: Continence, Difficult Spontaneous Magic, Fragile Constitution, Mentor, Temperate, Twilight Prone

Born in the Harz mountains, he had an exploring childhood:
Language: Low German 5 (Saxony accent)
Area Lore: Harz Mountains 2 (villages)
Athletics 1 (climbing
Awareness 1 (the sky)
Stealth 1 (hiding)
survival 2 (mountains)

As a child he watched things in his parent’s house, chatted to the neighbours, and fought with nearby kids:
10 xp in Awareness (now 2)
Concentration 2 (staying awake)
Charm 2 (first impressions)
Folk Ken 2 (villagers)
Music 1 (singing)
Brawling 2 (dodging)

He had an experienced master when apprenticed who already knew much of the arts of teaching, so he learnt many interesting areas:
Latin 4 (Hermetic usage)
magic theory 3+2 (auram)
Artes Liberales 1 (ceremonial magic)
Parma Magica 1 (mentem) - these are the minimum requirements for a Hermetic magus
Code of Hermes 1 (Rhine peripheral code)
15xp to take Concentration to 3 (maintaining spells)
Finesse 1 (auram)
Infernal Lore 1 (powers of the air)
Magic Lore 1 (beasts
Medicine 1 (diseases)
Organisation Lore: Order of Hermes 1 (Covenants)
Penetration 1 (auram)
Philosophiae 1 (natural philosophy)
Profession: Scribe 1 (copyist) – should be exactly half my 300 xp from apprentice + skilled parens
Arts: Cr 10+3 In 4 Mu Pe 4 Re 4 An 0 Aq 0 Au 10+3 Co 4 He 0 Ig 0 Im 0 Me 0 Te 0 Vi 0

Spells: Charge of the Angry Winds CrAu 15
Wings of Soaring Wind Cr(Re)Au 30
Incantation of Lightning CrAu 35
True Sight of the Air InAu 15
Bind Wounds CrCo 10
Purification of festering wounds CrCo 20
Revealed Flaws of the mortal flesh InCo 10
Gift of the Frog’s Legs ReCo 15

Hans was taken from a small village by a member of Fengheld who gave his parents a handsome sum of money for their inquisitive and slightly sickly child. He spent every winter in his parens’ lab coughing and sneezing as it took him forever to get over trivial illnesses. His master (who had wanted to focus on training an apprentice to further develop the elemental arts) taught Hans wisely, and let him learn a little medicine and corpus to help him understand his ailments. His wise mentor made sure the boy learnt about the magical and infernal creatures of the air, as well as the magical arts, so that his apprentice would not perish the moment he tried to explore the skies.

On passing his gauntlet through a mixture of answering questions about magic and casting spells involving wind, he took the name “Borealis”.

I'm trying to remember who Borealis' mentor is. I'm looking to set up some stories for each magus. Do you have suggestions related to his personal interests and goals?

I would say Borealis' mentor is either Dorana of Fengheld (Guardians of the Forests, the sample character Felicia is an auram specialist with a focus in weather who was trained by Dorana) or Tandaline of Durenmar, the Bonisagus who is known for Muto and Auram.

Stories - unusual weather phenomena, strange things appearing out of a mist, any strange ruins high up in mountains - all these will attract Borealis like a candle attracts a moth.