Botch dice inside Boundaries in the Magic Realm

How many botch dice does a (vanilla) Magus suffer while practicing magic inside a Boundary of the Magic Realm?

I am puzzled by the following sentence in RoP:M p.22:

In the realm interaction table of ArM5 p183 (and its description), it is clear that a (vanilla) Magus is considered to be aligned with Magic and does not suffer botch dice for working magic in a Magical aura. As for magic in Regiones, ArM p189 states

So, AFAICT, a Magus should not receive any additional botch dice from working magic in a Magical regio.

On what grounds, then, is it true to claim that boundaries, "like regiones", should add a number of botch dice equal their level for rolls benefiting from the aura? This seems to be exact opposite of what is true for regiones. In regiones, rolls benefiting from the aura receive no extra botch dice, while rolls suffering from the aura do.

I suspect this is one for the errata. You can replace "benefits from" with "penalized by", and it would make sense - but be kinda pointless as I think the whole point is that magi get extra botch die in a Boundary. I would instead change it to "Like regiones, however, boundaries bring with them greater risk, and add a number of botch dice equal to the level of the boundary to every roll that is affected by the Magical aura (even ones associated with Magic)."