Botch on a recovery roll

Yesterday in one of our gaming session one of the character made a botch on his recovery roll for his light wound. As the Recovery Total is less than the Stable Ease Factor, the wound becomes a medium one.

But... it was a botch. Shouldn't there be some additional effects ? :smiling_imp: We couldn't find anything in RAW about that.


A botch is a botch.

Only medium does not deserve amputation (pitty...) but the wound can easily become infected and need TWO recovery rolls instead of 1, or treatment. In general, the guy is much closer to end his days on Earth than before. :slight_smile: Play the drama, it is always cool :slight_smile:


Heavy wound + infection/disease is fun, since they give each other a nice malus to recovery. :smiling_imp:

Nothing in the main rules, however, A&A has a few ideas. The most basic would be gangrene. If you don't have A&A, treat this as another wound (I would say a Light Wound, for a single botch), but the Disease Penalties* given by gangrene penalise Wound Recovery rolls, and Wound Penalties penalise Disease Recovery rolls. Further, the wound can't get better until the disease has been eliminated. It can be a real pain to clear up gangrene...

*Disease Penalties are measured the same as Wound Penalties: -1, -3, -5, Incap., Dead. They are cumulative with Wound Penalties, but may affect some rolls that are specifically not affected by Wound Penalties.


Grab the Catastrophe subchart from 4th ed. Ars page 178 or 3rd ed. Ars page 160 and adapt/mutate them a bit for some extra fun. The digital edition of 4th ed. is freely downloadable.

Precisely. Give him Decreptitude, Enfeebled Flaw or -1 Stm.

Wow! Quite harsh there! I fear what you would do with 2 bothches or more :wink: Gangrene sounds about right to me. No need to pre-kill the character straight :slight_smile:


No, no - I wouldn't dish out that punishment for just 1 Botch. I see know that it came off too strong.
If using something like that old chart, I'd perhaps let the number of Botches modify the roll, perhaps more than 1:1.

I quite like this kind of game mechanics, ie wound infection which can't be cured with Chirurgy (Medicine instead) and can take quite some time given the wound penalties apply to Disease Recovery Rolls.

Thanks for the input, it finally gives me a good reason to buy A&A :stuck_out_tongue:


You will also find in A&A rules for using surgical intervention for curing diseases -- allowing you to help gangrene sufferers (for example) using cautery or amputation. Not everyone has access to a physician with Medicine, so more drastic action might be necessary to save a life.


...more drastic than amputation? What's that then?

Amputation is the drastic measure, I guess :stuck_out_tongue: You can always torture the poor soul for added fun, but that might be a tad too much after removing his leg for good :laughing:


"Congratulations! We've managed to save your leg - where du you want us to send it?"

"Unfortunately we had to sacrifice the body attached to the leg in the process. Not a big loss all taken together. Cheer up, pal!"

"-Always look on the bright side..." :mrgreen: